SDCC 2016: 5 Important Takeaways From the ‘Supernatural’ Panel & More!

‘Supernatural’ is all about the family! Of course there was the usual silliness at SDCC! And we have come to expect nothing less from this cast! However, even after over a decade of saving people, hunting things, there’s still plenty to be surprised about!

If there’s one panel that makes me feel like I’ve missed the party it’s Supernatural‘s! It’s just not enough reading all the live tweets, there’s something special that happens when fans, the cast and creators all get together at Comic-Con. Lucky the NerdHQ with the cast was streamed live!

Today’s Supernatural festivities lived up to expectations! The biggest feature of today’s panel was the inclusion of the face behind Mary Winchester, Samantha Smith. Which lead to some great hints at the panel for what’s ahead in Season 12! The always often anticipated never replicated Season 11 gag reel and even a marriage proposal by two fans in the hall truly made the day about “The Family Business!”

SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 24: Cast and crew attend the ‘Supernatural’ Special Video Presentation And Q

Possibly the biggest exclusion for those of us staring at our computers hitting the refresh button was the Season 12 teaser! *As of the publication of this article neither the teaser trailer or the gag reel have been posted online* for our viewing pleasure but we will update as they become available to us!

Don’t worry though! We still have other panel goodness (and it’s not just Misha saying “I was the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition” in a really high-pitched voice and the euphemistic jokes that followed!) and we didn’t have to make a demon deal to get it! Although, it does come at a price…Just a warning, massive Season 11 spoilers coming so proceed at your own risk!

Winchester Rising

Not letting us languish in our angst for any longer, the panel confirmed that Sam (Jared Padalecki) was not fatally shot by Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore). And with his survival comes more information on Toni and the worldwide Men of Letters!

Mother Mary Comes Speaking Words of Wisdom

When it comes to family bonds there’s a great scene in “Baby” (11×04) where Sam and Dean talk about how they dream Dean (Jensen Ackles) dreams about his dad teaching him to drive all the time. It’s exceptionally normal given all the feelings and accompanying memories Dean has with his father. And then Sam reveals he has the same type of dream featuring his mom. With Mary now actually in the picture (thanks to Amara (Emily Swallow) in the Season 11 finale) there is actually an opportunity to express some of their feelings. In Dean’s case, it’ll be nice for him to see what a stable parent looks like, despite the fact that he’s all grown up. And Sam can finally alleviate his personal guilt regarding her death.

Supernatural “Alpha & Omega” (11×23) Photo: CW Gif: subcas via Tumblr

At the panel Jensen elaborated, “When mom left, Sam was a baby and Dean was a child. The children that she knew are now men, so the relationship is kind of nonexistent because there isn’t one. It’s and interesting situation, them trying to bridge that massive gap.”

Executive producer Andrew Dabb continued, “She’s been mythologized to them.”

And it’s true, Mary has been multiple times over the years and she’s an extreme point of weakness for both Winchester brothers. Although an exciting tidbit told us that Mary will go back to Hunting, a life she grew up in and immediately rejected when she and John got together. In the teaser trailer there’s a very specific line where Mary tells Dean, “I never wanted this for you and Sam.” The Wayward Daughter legacy continues!

For his part, Castiel (Misha Collins) interacts with her as well and the two create a “Very cool bond.”

SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 24: (L-R) Actors Jensen Ackles, Samantha Smith and Jared Padalecki attend the ‘Supernatural’ Special Video Presentation And Q

Back to Basics: The Family Business

Season 12’s major theme is family, which has been a fundamental part of the series for a long time now but it’s an arc that won’t just feature Mary, Sam and Dean. But one that will also get explored by Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and his mother Rowena (Ruth Connell).

Lucifer’s Got Himself A New Vessel

Crowley isn’t entirely preoccupied trying to fix his relationship with mommy dearest. Actually for the most part he’s Hellbent on getting “revenge” against Lucifer!

Many fans speculated what became of Satan himself after Amara exorcised him from Cas’ vessel with the flick of a wrist! A specter featuring the likeness of Lucifer’s first vessel Mark Pellegrino emerged. But the mystery surrounding his continued existence is finally over! Rick Springfield will take on the role of Luci’s latest vessel!

Misha Collins First Day of Shooting Season 12 of Supernatural Photo: CW Gif: hallowedbecastiel via Tumblr

Wayward AF

Speaking of Wayward Daughters the panel confirmed that Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) and Alex (Katherine Ramdeen) will return! As well as Crowley’s son Gavin!

With all the new knowledge of Supernatural‘s 12th season, we have to wonder if the season finale will end with Mary’s disappearance and Dean approaching Sam with one of the most iconic lines of the show, “Mom went on a hunting trip… and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

Carry on Supernatural Family!

Supernatural Season 12 premieres Thursday, Oct 13 at 9/8c on The CW. Be Sure to tune!

Share your thoughts on what’s in store for Season 12 in the comments! For a refresher on Season 11 check here!