SDCC 2016: ‘Sherlock’ Releases Season 4 Trailer: It’s not a game anymore!

‘Sherlock’ is back! Well not exactly! We have to wait until 2017 for Season Four but we’re closer today, with the release of the trailer, than we were when Season Three ended nearly three years ago!

Since the Christmas Special – which ended up being a fun drug-induced jaunt between the past and present – interest in season four news has been high. Filming began in April 2016 and there’s been a plethora of #Setlock pics to satisfy even Moriarty!

Actually Andrew Scott was recently spotted on set and many fans wondered if this was another fake scene, a tactic used in season 3 designed to get fans talking.

But since those images it has been confirmed that Moriarty is definitely apart of season 4! Though if he’s truly alive remains to be seen.

On a semi-unrelated note, considering season 10 of Doctor Who will be Steven Moffat’s last, it’s surprising that wasn’t much on that show’s front at this year’s comic-con. But it will certainly be…refreshing to see predecessor Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) in the showrunner seat come next year’s convention! Lucky Moffat there was still had Sherlock stuff to showcase at SDCC.

This year’s Comic-Con has been very giving and the Sherlock panel was no exception! And thanks to live tweets from the official BBC’s Sherlock twitter we have some insight on what went on. Show creator and the face behind Mycroft, Mark Gatiss  revealed that they’re two week away from finishing production, which means we should have an official premiere date soon! Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Watson, told fans that “Season 4 is the darkest yet and real emotional roller coaster.” But Mark Gatiss assured everyone that there’s still plenty of humor! Though you wouldn’t know that based on the trailer. Speaking of the Sherlock trailer you’ve been quite patient so without further fanfare take a look!

Check out the Sherlock season 4 trailer below:

The trailer is an exciting look at what’s to come for Sherlock and co in Season 4! But the first thing I kept thinking of is it’s been 84 years 3 years of course we miss it!

There’s some really important things to take away from the minute and a half tease:

  • We’re definitely heading for some dark days! The game is no longer afoot!
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is sporting some new facial hair similar to a one Stephen Strange…Hmmm.. (it’s much more appealing than Watson’s (Martin Freeman) mustache…Never forget!)
  • Sherlock is much more unpredictable and emotional now!
  • Mary is doing her own investigative work (Is she still pregnant?)
  • There’s someone even crazier than Moriarty hanging around. Actually there’s a few new cast members.
  • Molly gives us the tagline that’s being used for the season.
  • Everyone is in grave danger!
  • Is it really Moriarty?

And that’s just the initial takeaway! There will definitely be much deeper thoughts to come while we wait for Season 4, but in order to do it justice we’d need to go to our mind palace and there’s just not time!

No matter what happens, there’s one thing we know for sure about Sherlock: “Whatever else we do, wherever we all go, all roads lead back to Baker Street – and it always feels like coming home.”

We know the drill, the address is 221B and we have our shock blankets ready!

Sherlock returns early 2017!

Share your thoughts on the trailer and all things Season 4 related in the comments below!