SDCC 2016: ‘Teen Wolf’ Wins Fandom Of The Year Award

At their next to last Fandom Awards , the ‘Teen Wolf’ cast walked away with a Fandom Of The Year Award after losing to ‘The Hunger Games’ last year. 

If you didn’t hear the news from Comic-Con, Teen Wolf will be ending after Season 6. The show has become one of MTV’s best and launched the careers of many young talents. With the show having its last hurrah – as far as we know- their fans decided to give back and Teen Wolf won the Fandom Of The Year Award.

MTV’s Fandom Awards always occurs near Comic-Con and the Fandom Of The Year award is the toughest to earn. Instead of relying on the regular style of voting, all of the shows start off in brackets and then work their way down until one show reminds. After five weeks of fan voting, Teen Wolf  came out on top.

The Fandom Awards have become somewhat of a Teen Wolf affair anyways. The show has been hosted by Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) for the past two years who brings his fun and enthusiastic personality to the stage. Teen Wolf was also nominated for in the Favorite Ship Category with Stydia (Stiles and Lydia) which they lost to Olicity from Arrow.

The most touching moment was when the cast came up to accept their award. You can check out the clip below.

The clip has to make any and all Teen Wolf  fans happy because the cast seems so genuine. They know how much time and effort it took for the fans to help them win the award. It seems like such a fitting tribute to the show and one that not a lot of shows get before they conclude. Even though Teen Wolf is ending, it’s clear that the show will always hold a special place in fan’s hearts.

Teen Wolf‘s sixth and final season will air this fall on MTV.