3 Questions We Have About The Lights Out Sequel

Photo: New Line Cinema/Lights Out

In a move that seems like a no-brainer, Deadline reports that New Line Cinemas is working on a Lights Out sequel, but we’ve got some questions.

Sometimes (all the time), it doesn’t matter if critics enjoyed a movie or not, if there is money to be made in a sequel, it’s going to happen! However, in the case of Lights Out, the horror movie didn’t just win big at the box office, it also scored great with critics and audiences alike.

I didn’t care for Lights Out when the trailer dropped, but I attended the screening and was pleasantly surprised! It’s a fun movie, it delivers several scares, and many fans discovered the brilliant Alexander DiPersia — which I argue is the best part of the movie. So it’s great news that New Line Cinema is working on a sequel, but I do have several questions.

Before we dig any deeper, though, let me warn you that major spoilers are ahead if you have not yet watched Lights Out!

Sequel announcements shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially when the original movie makes millions in profit. Lights Out was made with a reported budget of $4.9 million. So far, the horror movie has banked $35 million. But not only do I believe that ideas shouldn’t be milked for the sake of it, Lights Out doesn’t exactly conclude with a cliffhanger. What is the sequel going to be about?

That and two other important questions run through our minds…

Photo: New Line Cinema/Lights Out

#3 Will There Be More Laughs Or Scares?

In my opinion, Lights Out is more fun than it is “scary.” Don’t get me wrong, the movie will scare ya. The jump scares work, whether you see them coming or not. The premise alone is creepy to even think about — what’s hiding in the dark? In Lights Out, a creature isn’t just hiding, it’s out to get the characters. Despite how frightening this sounds, mostly thanks to Alexander DiPersia, Lights Out provides plenty of laughs, especially towards the end of the movie.

I would love to see Lights Out 2 (or whatever production decides to name it) try something a little different, though. Turn up the horror. Not that I didn’t love the laughs, I think everyone did, but I would love to see even more scares. After all, now that Diana was defeated, you have to give audiences something even more horrifying.

Viewers also tend to laugh harder when they are truly scared. It’s the way our mind works. We want to shake off our fears, and there is no better way to do that than with a good laugh. Therefore, more horror will definitely enhance the experience.

Photo: Warner Bros.

#2 Will the Same Stars Return?

Alexander DiPersia, Teresa Palmer, and Gabriel Bateman HAVE to return and reprise their roles! Pretty please? Not only would it make sense plot-wise, but I really want to know how the modern family is doing. More importantly, did Rebecca (Palmer) every give Bret (DiPersia) more than one drawer?

DiPersia needs to return to continue providing humor, but Palmer and Bateman are just as important to the story. Diana may be gone, but if Rebecca and Martin (Bateman) are anything like their mother, they are also not all there in the brain. Will one of them also turn out crazy or haunted by another ghost? This leads us to our final question…

Photo: New Line Cinema/Lights Out

#1 What’s It Gonna Be About?

Lights Out doesn’t exactly close with a cliffhanger or leave us with any questions. On the contrary, it ends on a great and happy note, no loose ends. So what will the story be about this time?

As I stated already, there is that possibility of Rebecca and/or Martin having a mental disorder as their mother did. But for another ghost to be attached to the siblings isn’t too believable, so I don’t see the story going this way. Diana, the ghost that haunts the original, had a skin disease when she was alive, therefore isn’t a fan of the lights. But other ghosts shouldn’t care if the lights are on or off. And if a sequel is coming, it can only mean that the movie will still be about the lights being on and off, right? Could Diana be back?

At the moment, we only know that David F. Sandberg will return to direct the sequel. James Wan and Eric Heisserer are also attached to the project. Stay tune for more details!

Lights Out is now playing in theaters.