Top 5 Takeaways: ‘Tyrant’ Season 3, Episode 6

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FX’s ‘Tyrant’ swept into the second half of its third season with an episode, swirling with emotional unrest.

Official Episode Synopsis: Barry’s (Adam Rayner) tough policies put Daliyah (Melia Kreiling) in grave danger. Al-Qadi (Khaled Abol Naga) enacts a risky plan to broach peace. Fauzi (Fares Fares) puts his feelings on the line, leaving Daliyah conflicted. As the elections reel out of control, Barry cracks down on the political process. Leila’s (Moran Atias) relationship with Cogswell (Chris Noth) creates a wedge between her and her sister (Basma). – FX

Here were the Top 5 Takeaways from “Truth and Dignity”…

FX: Tyrant

#5 Little Truth or Dignity

In an episode filled with characters making bad decisions, Barry and Daliyah’s affair was chief among them. After Daliyah survives an attack on the Truth and Dignity Commission, Barry is inconsolable to the point his feelings are terribly obvious to practically everyone in Abuddin. Enraged by the near death of his mistress, he swears bloody vengeance on everyone involved. This is a far cry from the outrage he expressed when his own daughter was murdered.

Elsewhere, Sammy (Noah Silver) accidently lets knowledge of his affair with Haitham (Raphael Acloque) slip to Barry. Barry asks Sammy if he knows that Haitham is fanning the flames of civil unrest and negativity towards his father and Sammy responds that he does. He then reveals that he also knows all about Barry’s affair with Daliyah, which makes Barry, take a few steps back. When Sammy tells Haitham of their newfound predicament, Haitham ends his relationship with a distraught Sammy.

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