Marvel Collector Corps August 2016 Unboxing: Spider-Man

This August, Funko’s Marvel’s Collector Corps bi-monthly subscription service shifted its focus onto everyone’s favorite web-slinging hero Spider-Man! What exactly did this month’s box contain? Join Hidden Remote as we unbox August’s Collector Corps box with an in-depth look at this month’s offerings!

This month Funko‘s bi-monthly subscription service Marvel Collector Corps shifted its focus from the Women of Marvel to our favorite web-slinger, Spider-Man! Since his debut back in 1962, Spider-Man has always been a fan favorite among comic book fans across the globe. In fact, the hero is so popular that he ranked as the most profitable hero back in 2014 with an estimated earning of 1.3 billion(!) dollars in sales beating out The Avengers (325 million) by a landslide!

In 2016, Spidey made his Marvel Cinematic Universe movie debut in this summer’s Captain America: Civil War which helped the hero to reach a whole new generation of Marvel fans. Which made Spider-Man the perfect pick for the August Marvel Collector Corps box!

Spider-Man becomes only the second Marvel hero to take center stage as the sole focus of a Collector Corps box and Funko definitely managed to deliver a stunning box every Spider-Man fan is sure to be pleased with! Which brings us to the true highlight of the piece – the unboxing! What treats awaited us inside this month’s box? Read on to find out!

Warning: The following post contains spoilers regarding the items within the August 2016 Marvel Collector Corps box. If you have not yet received your box and want to avoid spoilers this is where you should leave us.

The Box

As we crack open our August box, we’re greeted with numerous comic panels of our favorite web-slinging hero swimming into action. From this hint alone we can immediately see that this month’s box will be all about Spider-Man rather than focusing on Spider-Man and the various characters that exist within his universe. It’s nice to see that Spidey gets to take center stage this month and won’t be sharing time with anyone else – thus becoming the second Marvel character to be spotlighted as the sole focus of a Collector Corps box. (The first being Deadpool back in the February 2016 box).

Spider-Man Marvel Pop! Tops Hat

This month, Funko decided to debut yet another new product with the debut of the Pop! Tops line! To be honest, I’m actually a bit surprised it took Funko this long to debut a line of original Funko inspired ball caps, but it was definitely worth the wait!

At the center of the design is a Spider-Man emblem featuring the iconic Pop! figure sandwiched between the Spider-Man logo and with the phrase “The Amazing Spider-Man” featured above and below the image. When switching to the back of the hat, you can see the Spider-Man logo right about the red band that allows subscribers to adjust the hat size. If you peak under the hat’s bill, you’re greeted to a red backdrop with the Marvel and Pop! logos appearing in diagonal rows.

While I’m not typically a hat person, I can see myself making an exception when it comes to the Pop! Tops simply due to my love for all things Pop! related. The hat is strong and sturdy and the design’s simple look allows the featured elements to really pop (pun intended).

Amazing Spider-Man #16 Variant Cover

Interestingly enough, this month’s exclusive variant edition is of a comic released less than a week before the August box’s shipping date! It’s a great variant design and I particularly love that the artists decided to go with a Pop! variant comic rather than a non-Pop! variant design. Covers such as this make the comics feel more valuable and help create a sense of unity among the box’s offerings.

Spider-Man August Patch

A staple to each Collector Corps box, this month’s exclusive patch features Spidey’s iconic likeness alongside the Spider-Man and Collector Corps logos. It’s strong design and the perfect addition to long-time subscribers’ patch collection!

Spider-Man August Pin

This month’s special Collector Corps pin design is simple, yet perfectly fits into the Spider-Man theme. While it could have been fun to find a way to incorporate another Spider-Man emblem or logo, I do enjoy the August pin’s final design.

Spider-Man Fabrikations Plush Figure

I was wondering when we might get a Fabrikation in a Collector Corps box and I couldn’t be more pleased that Funko decided to hold off on including one until this month’s box. I’m a huge fan of the Fabrikations line and I’ll admit that I found it incredibly odd when Funko excluded Spider-Man from any previous Fabrikations line-ups – especially when considering Spidey’s popularity among consumers.

As it turns out, Spider-Man was supposed to be included in the original line-up but Funko decided to keep him in their back pocket for a future Collector Corps box. Because of his size – Funko teases that the Spider-Man Fabrikation is the largest item to be included in a box thus far – Funko actually had to redesign the size of this month’s box to make room for this incredible addition.

The design of the Spider-Man Fabrikation figure is exactly what you’d expect from the Fabrikations line with the plush figure and I can’t wait to place him alongside the various Marvel Fabrikations already in my collection!

Leaping Spider-Man Pop!

As hard as it may be to believe, this is the tenth(!) Spider-Man Pop! figure. While there are plenty of Spider-Man Pop! figures out there to choose from, no other figure comes close to capturing Spider-Man’s persona than the Collector Corps leaping figure. One of the most unique aspects of the Collector Corps Pop! figures has been the unique poses they feature – poses that venture outside the realm of the figures’ typical stature.

While the typical Pop! pose is great, there’s something special about the posed figures. Perhaps its the movement that the figures emulate through their unique poses – poses that often give off a sense of movement. Spider-Man is a hero we’re used to seeing leaping through the streets, swinging from building to building and through this figure we get that sense that he’s leading into action. The only thing missing is a little burst of webbing shooting out from his wrists!

Final Look – Is It Worth It?

Each new Marvel Collector Corps box promises to provide subscribers with a box filled with $50 worth of exclusive, high-quality Marvel and Funko collectible products. With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at the estimated retail value of each of this month’s items (NOTE: Estimated prices based off of Amazon product listings):

  • Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Patch: $4-$7
  • Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Pin: $5-$6.50
  • Marvel Collector Corps Amazing Spider-Man #16 Variant Cover: $3.99
  • Marvel Collector Corps Funko Pop! Tops Spider-Man Hat: $20-25
  • Marvel Collector Corps Leaping Spider-Man Pop! Figure: $25-$35
  • Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Fabrikations Plush Figure: $25-$30

Adding this month’s items up using the lower range of the estimated pricing, the August Marvel Collector Corp box comes to an estimated retail value of $82.99! Needless to say, this month’s box is well over the estimated retail value promised by Funko.

It’s been an incredible year so far for the Collector Corps and it seems as though each box keeps getting better and better! While I thought it would be impossible for any crate to top this May’s Captain America: Civil War box, the Spider-Man box has become my personal favorite for the 2016 year.

We finally got a leaping Pop! figure, Funko graced us with the first piece in a new Funko product line and the Fabrikations line finally debuted in a Funko subscription crate with a figure we’ve all been dying to add to our collections! It was another incredible month and one that has raised the bar extraordinarily high for this October’s Doctor Strange themed box. However, if anyone can rise to the challenge it’s the Collector Corps team!

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Disclosure: Hidden Remote was provided with a free August 2016 Marvel Collector Corps box for the purpose of this review.