Marvel, ABC Studios Developing ‘New Warriors’ Series Starring Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl could soon be making her way to the small screen as a member of Marvel and ABC Studios’ new comedy series ‘New Warriors’.

One of Marvel’s smallest and mightiest heroines may be making her way to the small screen in the near future. TVLine is reporting that Marvel and ABC Studios are in the early stages of developing a new comedy series which would star Marvel fan-favorite heroine Squirrel Girl.

Designed as a half-hour series, New Warriors would center around a group of teenage heroes including Squirrel Girl herself, Doreen Green. The series, currently described as a junior take on The Avengers, would follow the superhero squad of heroes and their unpredictable adventures.

With her lighthearted and comedic personality, Squirrel Girl is the perfect candidate to headline a half-hour Marvel comedy. However, don’t underestimate our furry heroine!

In addition to being able to communicate with squirrels – an ability that proves to be surprisingly effective in battle – Squirrel Girl possess several superhuman abilities including superhuman agility, senses and strength, razor-sharp claws and a handy tail. The character also shares a connection to both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, having served as the superhero couple’s nanny in the comics.

While the project is in the early stages of development, Marvel and ABC Studios are reported to already be shopping the project around. Interestingly enough, the partners are looking at both cable and streaming outlets. Considering Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are both already established members of Netflix’s Marvel television universe, one would assume the online-streaming service would stand as a frontrunner.

Would you tune into a New Warriors half-hour comedy series starring Squirrel Girl? What other Marvel heroes would you like to see join the series’ cast as the project moves forward? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!