‘Younger’s New Promo Gets Us Hyped AF For Season 3

‘Younger’s new Season 3 promo amps up the love triangle, but what is season three really after?

Younger is about a month away from the premiere of its third season and if the new promo is anything to base our excitement on, it’s already lit as f….Nope…I can’t do it!

Much of the hype for the new season centers around the now full-fledged love triangle we’ve been anticipating since season one. But the new promo is just a delicious little taste of what we can expect.

Team Charles versus Team Josh distracts us with some new stolen moments in the 30 second promo but the show hasn’t forgotten who it is at its core. Keeping true to the mid-week escapism that endeared fans to Younger in the first place.

Check out the first official promo for Season 3:

The foundation of the series being Liza’s (Sutton Foster) lie about her age, means that the past two seasons left us wondering who would discover the truth next. And with Season 3 it’s clear that even though everything has changed, Liza will eventually have to come clean. Except the truth is equally as dangerous as the lie.

Just look a little closer at the emotional damage, this innocent little fib has caused  Josh (Nico Tortorella) and Liza. They’re trying to make it work, but the romanization that their age difference isn’t a big deal is wearing thinner than ever. And then there’s Thad (Dan Amboyer) who threatened to blackmail Liza and ended up dead. Okay, that second point was pure deus ex machina coincidence, but still. The truth is dangerous. But it is no longer the thing that could cost Liza everything.

Liza successfully made herself so invaluable to Empirical that when she left, Charles (Peter Hermann) went to bring her back himself. Yet, she’s still kind of getting off easy. The people who “need to know” the truth sort-of-kind-of do, but they’re not the ones we need to worry about. And because of that it’s easy to hyper focus on the love triangle. That avoids all the messier aspects of Liza’s life and just allows us and her to focus on the explicitly dirty details of her love life. Except, for all the investment, this love triangle can only end badly and not just for the three people directly wrapped up in Liza’s drama.

Liza’s boss, Diana (Miriam Shor) is likely the person to watch out for this season. And not just because Charles has ignored her overt advances toward him. Up until this point Diana, like the rest of the cast has been exceptionally nuanced. Comfortable in her career but slightly outside her comfort zone in every other aspect of her life. She’s been unexpectedly generous, understanding and a valuable mentor to Liza, whose standards and high fashion are #AspirationGoals on an entirely separate plane of existence. Despite the writers’ choice to make Diana’s newly realized sexual freedom the butt of an unfortunate joke. Most notably, Diana, is possibly the most likely character to be okay with Liza’s deception in the long run.

Which is why the love triangle poses a serious issue for Season 3. Sure, it raises the stakes in Liza’s second chance quest for fulfilling life long dreams and ultimately finding happiness but it is also the real thing that will cost her everything.

I hesitate to suggest the idea that the show will approach Diana’s jealousy of the potential Charles/Liza romance with the vengeful, misogynistic overtones that come with pitting two driven women against each other over a man. Especially sinceYounger has balanced its feminism and the ascribed millennial woes of authenticity exceptionally well. Finding Diana at the center of some sort of villainous plot would be contrived and lazy. If Diana hadn’t already been misrepresented by Kelsey as single, past her prime and beyond bitter – a stigma she has since shed and continues to fight against – this arc could potentially make sense. There is enough contention to go around.

The workplace romance between a boss and his “26-year-old” employee is already beyond problematic. Even if that employee is actually in the boss’ age group – a reveal that would probably be a relief to said boss too!

Younger is no longer concerned with what will happen when people find out the truth about Liza. That is an inevitability of the plot.  Which is why the show isn’t after the truth at all. It never was. No, instead Season 3 is looking for, honesty. Which is why the last line of the promo features Liza flippantly saying you can’t be honest 100% of the time.

Which is why it’s okay to get caught up in the fantasy because Younger‘s third season is about to get real AF!

Younger premieres Wednesday, September 28 at 10/9c on TV Land. Be sure to tune in!

And be sure to check back here for updates and recaps! What are you most looking forward to in season three? Are you Team Charles or Team Josh? Share your thoughts in the comments!