37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Harriet Jones – Doctor Who

Last Words: “Then you know nothing of any humans. And that will be your downfall.”

How the Character Died: Sacrificed herself to prevent a Dalek invasion like the BAMF she is!

Why His/Her Last Words Were So Great: Yes, we know who she is! So prolific, even Daleks are familiar with her. Harriet Jones came to Doctor Who and rose up the ranks to Prime Minister. Initially, a friend of the Doctor’s destroys their agreeable association when she makes the executive decision to destroy an invading force that the Doctor had convinced to leave in peace.

Harriet’s redemption came in assisting the Doctor against a Dalek attack that would wipe out humanity. Her justification has always been to do what was best for the people of earth and she shows no fear in her final moments, confronting the Daleks like she always has, by announcing exactly who she is. What starts as a silly quirk becomes a perfect in-show joke and then full circle to an unforgettable final moment. The Doctor loses a lot of people along the way but Harriet Jones’ final act earns back his respect. There’s no doubt that by the time she’s the first defense to save the world, all of time and space knows her name!

– Julie Linzer