37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Lyanna Stark – Game of Thrones

Last Words: “Promise me, Ned.”

How She Died: Shortly after childbirth in The Tower of Joy.

Why Her Last Words Were So Great: The often spoken of but only recently seen Lyanna Stark has taken on mythology in her death that few recent Game of Thrones characters can claim.

Beloved by all who knew her, Lyanna was the catalyst for Robert’s Rebellion. The story behind their relationship is one that both book lovers and show watchers alike are intimately familiar with at this point in the series. Lyanna’s last words have been invoked on several occasions but it’s actually the fact that Ned was robbed of his last words in the show that makes them all the more important. In his final moments, we saw Ned whisper something to himself as Ser Ilyn raises Ice. And many have speculated that he’s referring to the promise he made to Lyanna on her death bed. This is why Lyanna’s last words make our list Sure it confirmed the longstanding R+L=J theory, but actually keeping that promise was so important to Ned that he used his last breath to assure himself that at least Jon is safe.

– Julie Linzer