37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Charlie Pace – LOST

Last Words: “Not Penny’s boat.”

How He Died: Drowned in the Looking Glass station by one of Ben’s henchmen.

Why His Last Words Are So Good: Admittedly, Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) doesn’t actually speak his last words, but they’re powerful nonetheless.

In an effort to unjam the transmissions from the island and get everyone rescued, Charlie dives down to the Looking Glass station. He’s fully prepared to sacrifice himself for the good of the group when – surprise! – a few of Ben’s cronies are staking out the place. After an altercation, two of the cronies end up dead, but one escapes. As Charlie hooks up on a video chat with a well-meaning Penny, he finds out that the boat offshore isn’t hers just as the remaining bad guy tosses a grenade toward the station. The window busts, and Charlie locks himself in the room to save his friend Desmond. However, before the room floods, he scrawls a final, potentially life-saving message on his hand: Not Penny’s boat. It was a shining moment for Charlie, and a fitting send off to a guy who we all knew was a hero the entire time.

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