37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Augustus Hill – Oz

Last Words: “I can feel my legs.”

How He Died: While trying to protect his adoptive father Redding from a planned stabbing attack by the Italians, Augustus rolls his wheelchair in front of the attacker’s knife to ensure that Redding is not stabbed.

Why His Last Words Were So Great: Even though his character was a part of the show, he served mostly as the narrator of the show.  In between many scenes his character would provide an overview for the theme of the episode in a monologue.  On the show, Hill was once a small time drug dealer, but after a confrontation with the police and killing a cop, he was thrown off the roof of his apartment building and served prison wheelchair-bound.

Because he was not a threat, he was not categorized as a member of the “Homeboys” but as a member of the “Others.”  For the first four seasons of the show, he kept to himself.  However, when his mentor/father Burr Redding comes to Oz and takes over the homeboys, he becomes more involved.  He and Redding butted heads as Hill has played the straight and narrow for most of his prison sentence, and he even snitched on his mentor to avoid a large gang war and Redding kicks him out.  Eventually, Hill comes back into the fold after he kills traitor Supreme Allah Redding welcomes Hill back into the gang.  However, Hill declines because he’s more comfortable being an “Other.”

As the gang war heats up between the Homeboys and the Italians, Frank Urbano tries to kill Redding.  Because he is Hills father figure, he voluntarily moves his wheelchair in the way and takes a stabbing for Redding.  He spends a great deal of his life unable to feel his legs and now that he’s dying he’s getting feeling back to his legs and ready to move on away from the life he lived.

– Khalil Johnson