37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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John Winchester – Supernatural

Last Lines: “I want you to watch out for Sammy, okay? Don’t be scared, Dean.”

How He Died: After the Supernatural Season 1 finale, Dean was left in a coma and on the brink of death. Knowing he couldn’t lose his son, he made a deal with a crossroads demon—talking through Yellow Eyes—to save Dean in place of himself. It meant instant death and Yellow Eyes also wanted the Colt.

Why His Last Words Are So Great: This was the moment fans got to see that John really would do anything to protect his boys. But the last words weren’t just about that. John’s last words shared how sorry he was for the life that Dean had. It was a look at the past that Supernatural fans were only just learning: a past where Dean would always look out for his brother and his dad, because that’s just what had to be done. Dean was the perfect little soldier, and his work wasn’t done.

Dean realized that something was going on when John asked Dean to look out for Sam again. However, we never truly got to know what his final words were. John whispered something in Dean’s ear before a tearful nod that was clearly a goodbye. It would be later in Season 2 that we’d find out John wanted Dean to have the guts to kill Sammy if necessary.

Those final moments on screen helped fans realize that John had noticed Dean all these years. Despite being angry when he failed to look after Sammy, John was still proud of the son that he had. It was a necessary moment for the elder Winchester brother, but bittersweet all the same.

– Alexandra Ingham