37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Allison Argent – Teen Wolf

Last Words:

Scott: “I can’t – I can’t take your pain”

Allison: “That’s because it doesn’t hurt…. It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I’ll always love. I love.. I love you Scott – Scott McCall. You have to tell my dad, you have to tell my dad. Tell him tell hi. You have to… ”

How She Died:  Allison Argent was never the damsel in distress but rather a strong warrior always ready to go to battle with her pack in order to protect the ones she loved. So it seems only fitting that Allison’s demise come while in battle against the latest supernatural evil wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills.

While in battle with the Oni, Allison notices that Isaac is in serious danger and sends an arrow straight through the Oni’s chest causing the creature to disappear into a cloud of black smoke. She smiles, happy to have saved a friend, before turning resume battle only to instead be met with the sharp edge of an Oni’s sword…

Why Her Last Words Were So Great: As Allison fell to the ground, Scott immediately rushed to her side to try to use his abilities to ease her pain as the Oni disappeared from sight. It was clear at that moment, though, that Allison would not live to see another battle which set up for one of the most heartbreaking and iconic moments in Teen Wolf history.

Allison, weakened by the attack and clearly dying, is in the arms of her first true love. While her relationship with Scott hit a road bump earlier in the season, it was always clear that the two were destined to be together and would always find their way back to one another – because that what two people who truly love one another with every ounce of their being do. In her final moments, Allison reaffirmed what fans already knew by professing her love for Scott between her final breaths  and showing that even though she was dying everything was alright in the world at that moment because she was in the arms of her true love.

It was a scene that tore out every Teen Wolf fan’s heart and left them reaching for the kleenex and forever cemented Allison and Scott’s love story into television history.

Cody Schultz