37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Abraham Ford – The Walking Dead

Last Words: “Suck. My. Nuts.”

How He Died: Beaten to death by Negan.

Why His Last Words Were So Great: Despite the fact that the cracks of Lucille are still ringing in our ears, Abraham’s true legacy is his uncanny ability to turn a phrase. When you consider his often colorful choice of words (in a world where Negan can’t drop a few f-bombs), just about any of his often quoted sayings would not have come close to the ones he chose in his last moments. That’s because no three final words have ever encompassed an entire lexicon, quite like Abraham’s. More importantly, Abraham knew he was taking one for the team and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

In those three words is everything we have ever loved about Abraham, from his unwillingness to abandon Francine on the construction job to the unbidden image “dolphin smooth” conjures. His defiance in the face of unabashed villainy was not enough to redeem him for his mistreatment of Rosita but it was enough to let his memory live on unadulterated. And we can all take solace in the fact that every time we loudly proclaim, “MOTHERDICK!” or “WHO’S DEANNA?” or “Pouring the Bisquick” Abraham hears us and smiles.

– Julie Linzer