37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Merle Dixon – The Walking Dead

Last Words: “I ain’t gonna beg.  I ain’t begging you!”

How He Died: Shot by The Governor who then let him turn into a zombie

Why His Last Words Were So Great: Merle was a despicable, racist individual.  Unlike his brother Darryl, he cared come himself and was despised by almost everyone in the Atlanta group.  After he was left by everyone, he joined The Governor’s group and became one of his henchmen.

When The Governor went too far with Rick, Merle betrayed The Governor and helps Michonne escape.  He plays loud music to lure zombies towards The Governor in the hopes of killing him.  He is overrun by The Governor’s men and captured, bitten, and beaten up by The Governor.  When the Governor finally has him, Merle screams that he’s not going to beg.  This is classic Merle as he remained defiant to the end, giving his enemies no satisfaction.

– Khalil Johnson