37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Shane Walsh – The Walking Dead

Last Words: “What happened, Rick? I thought you weren’t the good guy anymore. Ain’t that what you said? Even right here, right now, you ain’t gonna fight for ’em? I’m a better father than you, Rick. I’m better for Lori than you, man. It’s ’cause I’m a better man than you, Rick. ‘Cause I can be here and I’ll fight for it. You come back here and you just destroy everything! You got a broken woman. You got a weak boy. You ain’t got the first clue on how to fix it. Raise your gun.”

How He Died: Rick stabs him, he turns into a walker, and then Carl shoots him.

Why His Last Words Were So Great: Shane gets a whole epic monologue just before he and Rick essentially fight to the death! It was beyond fitting for his character who spent his final season giving similar speeches. His turn from a trusted friend to greatest advisory was subtle.  He was a man well ahead of his time, driven crazy by the lawless world they lived in and the fear of losing the people he loved.

For all of Shane’s problematic choices after he left Rick (thinking he was dead), his greatest weakness was that he loved so much (fight me on this!). He loved Carl, Rick, and especially Lori. And he proved time and time again he would do anything for them. Except Shane faced losing them beyond a walker bite. Lori prevented him from continuing to bond with Carl and refused to acknowledge that she could be pregnant with his child. He began to feel very separate from the group because they didn’t see the world the way he did and it lead to further rash decisions, and ultimately that confrontation with Rick.

Shane’s words resonate even seasons later for a number of reasons. We have watched Rick succumb to the same spiral and achieve levels of insanity that Shane never even touched. But Rick doesn’t view his love for his son and his family as a weakness, he sees it as strength. And many have acknowledged that Rick did what Shane couldn’t as a leader. For all the chaos in that episode, it’s Rick realizing that his only recourse is to kill Shane, which makes his last words so crucial to this list. Plus, it’s exemplary of how life in the ZA works, with Rick refusing to defend himself only to stab him.

– Julie Linzer