Watch The Trailer For CNBC’s ‘The Profit’ Spinoff ‘The Partner’

CNBC’s ‘The Profit’ spinoff ‘The Partner’ premieres February 28, and the network has released the trailer featuring Marcus Lemonis schooling new recruits.

Marcus Lemonis will soon be pulling double duty on CNBC. The network announced a spinoff of Lemonis’s The Profit last year called The Partner, and finally now we have a premiere date for the second series as well as a trailer.

Unlike its parent program The Partner is a reality competition series in the vein of The Apprentice. Lemonis is looking for someone to help him run the many businesses he’s invested in over the run of The Profit, and he’s narrowed his options down to ten people who submitted themselves in a nationwide call for applications.

Those ten people will then be put through a series of challenges in each of The Partner‘s five episodes to determine which one of them is good enough to work with Lemonis going forward.

“It has been a privilege to work so closely with some of the most hard-working entrepreneurs in the country, all of whom have shown me the heart and desire to turn their businesses around,” he said in a press release Thursday.

“In this new adventure, I am looking for someone with that same drive and passion to help inspire these up and coming business leaders, sustain their growth and their enthusiasm, and ensure that the sound investments we made today are even more sound in the decades ahead.”

The idea of making The Profit into a competition show is an interesting one. Lemonis has a great personality and is the best of the many businessmen turned TV stars that CNBC has cultivated in recent years. The spinoff may be worth watching just for him.

But part of the appeal of the original series is seeing him work with struggling businesses, teaching them (and the audience) things they need to know, and making a difference in people’s lives.

We’ve seen a lot of shows about people competing to earn the opportunity of a lifetime whether it’s in business or in music, and audiences may not care so much about that, especially since there is well-deserved skepticism out there about whether or not winning any reality competition show actually gets you anywhere.

Check out the trailer for The Partner below and tell us what your first impressions are and if you’d be interested in watching it:

The Profit has built up a sizeable fan following over its seasons on CNBC but it will be interesting to see if viewers are interested in watching Lemonis in a reality show. Will they want to see who wins, or will they prefer to stick to seeing him save businesses instead? We’ll find out in about two months.

The Partner premieres February 28 at 10/9c on CNBC.