5 Things We Learned from the Season 2 ‘You Me Her’ Teaser Trailer


Our favorite three-some is back this Valentine’s Day and there’s a lot of love floating in the air in the Season 2 trailer for ‘You Me Her’.

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Audience Network dropped the much anticipated Season 2 trailer on Wednesday and it has blown our minds. Admittedly, the first season blew our minds so much that we didn’t think we’d ever be prepared for a second season. An alternative lifestyle on prime time television with an amazing cast; who knew that this is what we needed to fill our TV line-up?

Jack (Greg Poehler) and Emma Trakarsky (Rachel Blanchard) have been through a lot, from being stuck in a rut of daily routine to them encountering an escort (Izzy played by Priscilla Faia) and both falling in love with her separately. They finally came at a cross roads in the first season; do they follow their hearts and face their fears to embrace their new polyamory lifestyle or go back to being that boring married couple stuck in their rut? Does Izzy risk her happiness on two married people who seem to be trying to fix their marriage with their three-some or does she fly back to her mother’s home with a broken heart?

Before the credits rolled in the first season, Emma invited Izzy to move in with them after a long journey through the modern airport.

We’re wondering what the future holds for the three brilliant individual characters so we’re dissecting the Season 2 trailer to try to put together the pieces!

Jack & Emma Aren’t Without Their Worries


Jack and Emma have a lot to learn about the Polyamory lifestyle, they’re no longer a couple when Izzy is involved. When Izzy is added to the equation that is their new life, she has input to give and her own choices to make with them. Can Jack and Emma find a balance in which Izzy is equal in their home, can they work through their jealousy issues and ensure that Izzy feels like she’s included in the marriage? It may not be an official and legal addition to their marriage, but there are steps Jack and Emma need to take to transition into the throuple lifestyle.

Emma Finally Has What Jack Couldn’t Provide


In the first season, Izzy was incredibly into Emma and vice versa! It seems in Emma’s lifetime, she’s been missing that feminine connection. Jack, try as hard as he might (without hormones and surgery), cannot be soft and gentle and curved. He can’t go out clubbing and can’t empower Emma like Izzy can. Izzy can share make up and beauty tips, she can comfort Emma and love her as only another woman could.

From a few clips in the teaser trailer we see a happy Emma, a complete Emma and even a thrilled Emma. When Emma married Jack, she didn’t just give up her bisexuality – it’s always been there and now she can finally explore that side of her in a comfortable yet dynamic relationship.

Izzy is Still Her Own Person


Izzy is young and confident in her body, she has her best friend and her now-understanding ex-boyfriend. We didn’t see either of them in the trailer, but now that Izzy is back in Portland she’s likely to have reconnected with the two of them.

How will she transition into the relationship? Will she maintain her anti-misogynistic ways and perhaps teach Jack a few more things on how to love and respect a woman?

The Three of Them Are on Cloud Nine


There’s so many smiles in the trailer that we can’t help but root for these guys! Clothes strewn everywhere, Jack cuddling Izzy without Emma in the picture and even Jack getting on his knee in front of the two women that he loves. With new relationship energy flowing in their veins, the three of them are bound to crash back to the real world soon enough. The question is, how will they deal with that?

They Are Finally Official


In the trailer we see Emma stood in front of what seems to be a house party, the three of them come out to what seems to be their neighbors. They’re about to be judged at every corner, but we have a feeling there’s nothing the three of them cannot accomplish together!

What We Hope They Address in Season 2:

  • Polyamory will not save your trashed marriage, but with a lot of communicating and sacrifice it may possibly be the right lifestyle.
  • Living with 3 people under the same roof will not be easy, it will have its challenges.
  • Hard work goes into maintaining long term relationships, we’d love to see these three continue to thrive with love in their eyes though!
  • The Unicorn aspect definitely needs exploring, there needs to be addressing of the couples privilege to completely woo the more picky members of the poly community. (We’re just thrilled to have it on prime time!)
  • Will Jack and Emma continue to try for their baby or put it on hold forever with Izzy in their lives?

Are you as excited as we are for Season 2 of You Me Her? What do you think is going to happen to the throuple now that they’re official and what issues do you think need addressing? Comment below and let us know, we’re dying to pick your brains!