The 4 Most Tolerable Kid Shows, That Won’t Drive You Crazy

Some kid shows make you want to run screaming from your house but we have put together a list of 4 that are totally watchable as an adult. You’re welcome!

Streaming services are great for a solid TV binge after a long hard day at work, right? Well, that’s all well and good if you don’t have kids but what about those of us with little ones? Particularly, those of us with little kids that have mastered the remotes and menus required to access Netflix, On Demand and/or Amazon Video. Instead of kicking back and watching Supernatural after a tough day at work, we are stuck watching the same Pokemon episodes over and over.

There are some ways around this, like just leaving the room or forcing them outdoors. But in the winter months, sometimes TV is all you’ve got! If you are a parent who frequently watches TV with your kid, you know that sometimes their choices in TV viewing feel like cruel and unusual punishment (looking at you Caliou).

Instead of letting your little tike pick the show, check out these four kids shows least liking to make your lose your mind. Or, you can just throw caution (and sleep) to the wind and let them binge Stranger Things with you. We aren’t here to judge.

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (Cartoon Network)

This Lego show about ninjas centers on their quest to determine which one of them will fulfill the Green Ninja prophecy as they fight to stop Lord Garmadon from taking the power of the four Golden Weapons. They also must master the ancient battle art of Spinjitzu. This show ended in 2016, ran for six seasons and was based on the Lego toys of the same name. It may seem like a weird, toy-based kid show, but the complex backstories and plot twists will have you watching long after your kids go to bed.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Discovery Family)

This isn’t the 80s version of the Ponies that you may remember. This is a revamped, updated version that focuses on Twilight Sparkle and her mission to learn about the magic of friendship. Twilight Sparkle does make friends and they are each very different and have their own talents. It’s not just a show about horses, we promise. Over the course of the show’s 6+ seasons, you are given a hefty helping of the MLP mythology. The show has a great message and even has some catchy songs now and then. If you are feeling really crazy, you can also check out the movies! In some of them, they turn into girls. It will blow your mind.

Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD)

This show is incredibly well done! Rebels follows the journey of Ezra, a normal kid who starts to realize that he is more connected with the Jedi than he ever thought possible. Most of the main characters will be new to the casual Star Wars movie watcher but you will for sure see some familiar faces. Kanan voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr. and will quickly rise to the top of your favorite Star Wars character list. This show also ties into the larger Star Wars universe making it even more interesting to watch.

Phineas and Ferb (Disney)

Looking at it, you’d think it’s more for the younger kids, but Phineas and Ferb‘s humor is pretty far reaching. There are jokes that only the grown-ups will get and there are gags that only the little kids will laugh at, but the tunes are catchy, not matter your age. The show centers on brothers Phineas and Ferb as they decide how to spend their summer vacation. They are wildly imaginative little dudes and build roller coasters and even go to space. Much of the comedy comes from their neurotic older sister who is obsessed with busting them out to their mom. But somehow, the evidence always disappears before mom can see it. Throw in an unsuccessful villain with a comically tragic backstory and his platypus nemesis and you have a show you are sure to enjoy with your kids.

What is your favorite show to watch with your kids? Tell us in the comments!