5 Times Dennis Reynolds Was Definitely A Serial Killer on ‘Always Sunny’


Dennis Reynolds is a bastard man.

This week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, entitled ‘Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer’, will put Dennis on trial for the murder of his ex-wife Maureen Ponderosa. While Maureen has slowly been morphing into a cat on Dennis’ dime, could we really blame him if he murdered her? And, furthermore, would we even be surprised?

Always Sunny is continuing to take risks with format, and this sharply satiric half-hour sends up true crime shows such as Making A Murderer and The Jinx. Check out the preview below.

The increasing popularity of true crime mini-series is undeniable. These shows – and in the case of Serial, podcasts – hook viewers by parsing out small bits of evidence and information at a time, while never really bringing down a verdict on whether or not the accused is guilty or innocent.

The same could be said of Always Sunny.

For years, the pitch black comedy has been teasing us with clues – both small and large – that Dennis Reynolds (played with sinister glee by Glenn Howerton) is a bonafide serial killer. While Howerton has said he’d prefer to leave Dennis’ nature ambiguous for the sake of comedy, true Always Sunny fans know the dark, honest truth. He’s a serial killer fo sho. And there’s a ton of evidence to back that claim up.

Here are 5 moments from Always Sunny history in which Dennis Reynolds was most definitely a serial killer.

One – “This is the fun part.”

In Season 3, Episode 10. “Mac is a Serial Killer”, it’s quickly revealed to viewers that Mac (Rob McElhenney) is absolutely not a serial killer. Who is though? Dennis.

Dennis and his sister Dee (Kaitlin Olson) try to get into the head space of a murderer, so naturally they stalk the Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis). As they gear up to put a scare into her, Dennis rattles off instructions to Dee. He’ll hold the Waitress down and strangle her while Dee cuts her into teeny tiny pieces. However, Dee quickly hits the breaks on her brother’s fantasy when she states, “we’re not really gonna kill her, so what are we gonna do?” Dennis is clearly disappointed, indicating that murder is totally a passionate hobby of his.

Bonus points for his admiration of mass murderer John Wayne Gacey.


In Season 10, Dennis and Dee take a trip to a psychiatrists office. The siblings are there to notify the doctor about Psycho Pete, a potentially dangerous man, but Dennis just can’t help but go on a graphically murderous tirade about killing and skinning his sister and making her into useful household items. That’s how you get diagnosed.

Three – Dennis’ Tools

Early on in Season 7, Charlie (Charlie Day) and Dennis plot ways to get back at a man who shushed them at a bar. Charlie, innocent dolt that he is, muses that the guy doesn’t even know what the gang is capable of. He could be a guy with a trunk full of chainsaws. Dennis Reynolds has an oddly specific response for that. He says, “I could be a man with a fistful of hammers, a trunk full of duct tape and zip ties.”

Charlie agrees with the example, but then a few episodes later, at the gang’s high school reunion, Dennis does indeed have a trunk full of duct tape and zip ties. Explain that one, Dennis.

Four – Because of the Implication

While this choice quote from Always Sunny doesn’t directly implicate Dennis in any murders, per se, it definitely illuminates his frame of mind when it comes to manipulating innocent women. We all know that Dennis is a rapist, and his overwhelming desire to isolate his victims in order to have his way with them without interruption certainly applies to serial killers as well.

Five – The Case of Brian LeFevre

Guys, Dennis definitely murdered this dude. In Season 8 episode “Frank’s Back in Business”, the gang finds a random wallet on the bar. It belongs to a guy named Brian LeFevre. Of course they gank his cash, but also find primo seats to a Phillies game inside. Mac, Dee, and Dennis head to the game, and meet some corporate randos, leading Dennis to pose as Brian LeFevre himself.

From there, Dennis continues to ride on the high of wearing another man’s skin. He ropes Dee and Mac into helping him continue the ruse, all the way up until the climax of the episode. During a shareholder meeting at Frank’s company, it’s revealed that LeFevre is dead. Is it possible that Dennis killed a man just to go on a joy ride of make believe for a few days? Of course it is. Because he totally did.

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According to Redditor Ryjacork, the evidence is clear. The LeFevre incident wraps up everything that Dennis Reynolds holds dear. It includes wearing another man’s skin, the illusion of power, and getting off. LeFevre might not have been Dennis’ first victim, but he’s certainly not the last.

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FXX.