‘Bull’ Season 1, Episode 15 Preview: ‘What’s Your Number?’

This Tuesday on ‘Bull’, Bull goes into overdrive in order to make sure to win his team’s latest case after being antagonized by the client of his opposition.

When we last caught up with Dr. Bull and his team, Benny and Bull were tasked with defending Lieutenant Tamsin Dale, a whistle-blower who had been court martialed. As the case unfolded, the team found themselves divided when Benny failed to share redacted government secrets with the rest of his team – information that Bull would eventually find a way to get out of Benny without causing him to break his oath of secrecy. Making matters even worse for the team was the need for the team to work without the technology that they’ve become reliant upon in order to prevent any of their findings from being hacked as the case unfolds.

Tonight, the team are working with the U.S. Attorney’s office on a manslaughter trial against Diana’s client, Andrew Withrow, a successful real estate magnate. As it turns out, Bull’s former flame Diana Lindsay (guest star Jill Flint) returns to represent Withrow, a clinical sociopath who is set on using his lawyer to antagonize Bull during the trial.

Picking up on Withrow’s ploy of using Diana’s past against him, Bull’s penchant for winning shifts into overdrive as he makes sure to do everything in his power to help the U.S. Attorney’s office pick up the win!

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