How ‘Supernatural’ Became the Longest-Running CW Show (and Won the Hearts of Fans)

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#1. It’s All About Family

There is one thing that people love in a TV show: a connection. There has to be some sort of family bond or friendship to make people feel for characters and want to stick around.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Scooby Gang may not have been blood related, but they became a family. Charmed was about three sisters who just happened to be witches. The push for The Charmed Sons was because of that initial bond between Wyatt and Chris Halliwell.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Supernatural won the hearts right away when they centered it around two brothers. And it wasn’t just about the brothers, but about them finding their father. Family love and loyalty was the thing that pushed them forward and made the audience care.

As the show continued, that loyalty to family never changed. However, instead of it being about two brothers searching for their father, it became about protecting the people who were viewed as family. As Bobby said to Dean, “family don’t end in blood.”

Not only did a family grow on the screen, but a family grew between the fans. The fandom is known as the SPN Family and is the only fandom with the word “family” officially in the name. The other fandoms talk about being in a family, but only Supernatural has officially succeeded.