Is ‘The Last Tycoon’ Amazon’s Newest Hidden Gem?

Photo Credit” The Last Tycoon/Amazon Image Acquired from Amazon Studios

Every streaming site has a hidden gem that you only find in the depths of what’s offered. ‘The Last Tycoon’ is Amazon Prime’s.

Somewhere in the hidden depths of Amazon Prime, Veep and The Americans, there is a hidden gem: The Last Tycoon. Starring Matt Bomer and Lily Collins, the show follows the story of Hollywood’s Golden Boy movie producer Monroe Stahr (Bomer), Hollywood writer. Lily Collins plays Celia Brady, daughter of Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammar) the owner of Brady-American pictures.

Currently, Amazon has only one episode available, and it was unclear for a while whether or not that episode would be all we’d get — despite it ending with somewhat of a cliffhanger. At least for me. Matt Bomer closing curtains in an effort to have sex always makes me want to know more.

However it ended, the episode did an amazing job covering a season of material in an hour. Including the politics of a Hooverville and the Depression, the backstory of Monroe and his dead wife Minna Davis, and even a suicide.

If you’re like me and got hooked on this show, I have wonderful news for you — it just wrapped it’s first season, according to the show’s Twitter. (When I saw the ‘Coming Soon’ banner added to the show’s thumbnail, I just about lost it.)

Twitter hasn’t released much in the way of what to expect, except that it will most likely surround the making of Monroe Stahr’s new movie, essentially about the Nazi’s in a fictional country called Birnel, but never calling them out. It goes against everything Hollywood is doing to protect themselves from Hitler, but being Jewish, Stahr doesn’t care.

Whether you’re coming for the period clothes or the era, you’ll stay for the incredible drama.

Photo Credit” The Last Tycoon/Amazon Image Acquired from Amazon Studios

Lily Collins shines in the episode as Celia Brady, a girl of nineteen who is home from Bennington, where she goes to college. Having never seen Collins act, I was in amazement. She wants to be taken seriously in a world and career run by men, a striking comparison to the current social issues, especially in Hollywood.

Though I personally have never seen someone who didn’t have chemistry with Matt Bomer you’re rooting for the two, despite the fact that, as said in the show, “you can’t compete with a ghost [his wife]”.

Matt Bomer puts up a stellar performance as Stahr, who has the looks and charms of Neal Caffrey, one of his other roles, but the emotional depth that I’ve never seen. When he’s sobbing as he’s watching the movies his wife starred in to see her, you’re crying as well.

Though the show takes place in the ’30s, it’d be remiss to not mention that the show parallels today.  Though not to the extreme, everyone’s nervous of the current political climate, in a depression, and rights are being looked at head on. It seems like the show might be exactly what the population needs right now.

Hopefully this gem will get its time in the limelight.

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