‘Bull’ Season 1, Episode 20 preview: ‘Make Me’

Photo Credit: Bull/CBS Image Acquired from CBS Press Express

This Tuesday on ‘Bull’, the team works to prove their client’s temporary insanity was the result of his father’s murder  – which sends two members of the team undercover.

When we last caught up with Dr. Bull and his team, Bull came to the assistance of high-powered attorney Jules Caffrey when he was placed on trial for the death of his fiancée. Bull convinced Jules to defend himself in the case in hopes that Jules’ antics would help sway the jury to vote in his favor and, luckily, the bet paid off as Jules managed to avoid being wrongfully convicted for a crime he never committed.

As Season 1 resumes tonight in “Make Me,” the Trial Analysis Corporation team come to the aide of Troy Dickerson, a young man on trial for the murder of his father who the team must prove suffered from temporary insanity. The goal: to prove that the young man’s time in a cult-like spiritual learning center led him to be brainwashed into murdering his father.

In order to make the case, the team sends Danny and Chunk undercover at the learning center in hopes that the duo will be able to track down the individual responsible for brainwashing their client.

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