The Americans season 5, episode 12 cast list and guest stars

Who is coming to The Americans during next Tuesday’s episode? Here is the cast list and all the guest stars for season 5, episode 12.

Who is visiting The Americans this week?

As the season winds down—only two more episodes to go—the series is bringing in (and bringing back) plenty of guest stars. The influx of familiar faces starts on Tuesday, when the next new episode has enough people in it to throw a dinner party. Even if it would be a very awkward and painful dinner party where hopefully no one gets shot.

Season 5, Episode 12 is called “The World Council of Churches” and there are a couple of people returning to The Americans that fans will want to watch out for.

What is Pastor Tim (played by Kelly AuCoin) doing here? Is he just saying goodbye before he gets shipped off to whatever foreign country the KGB are trying to send him to?

And why is Philip’s son Mischa (Alex Ozerov) resurfacing? Wasn’t he sent back to Russia weeks ago? Is he somehow going to escape the country again, or is he about to get caught up in all the drama going on over there somehow?

Or maybe, just maybe, could we finally get to move toward Philip meeting his son?

Plus, there’s a character named Nikolai, played by an actor named Ivan Morozov. In the same episode that we’re still trying to get the character Mrs. Morozov back to Russia. That’s a really fun coincidence.

Overall this is the most guest stars that The Americans has crammed into one episode in a long time. With that many people included, you know something big has to be going on. Paige may have to set a few extra places at the table.

Below is the complete cast list and guest stars for The Americans season 5, episode 12:

Claudia: Margo Martindale
Agent Wolfe: Peter Jacobson
Pastor Tim: Kelly AuCoin
Igor Burov: Boris Krutonog
Mischa: Alex Ozerov
Tuan: Ivan Mok
Pasha: Zack Gafin
Evgheniya Morozova: Irina Dvorovenko
Colonel Schevchuk: Oleg Stefan
Ekaterina Rykova: Alla Kliouka
Ruslan: Ravil Isyanov
Yelena Burova: Snezhana Chernova
Pyotr: Andre Pushkin
Sofia Kovalenko: Darya Ekamasova
Gennadi Bystrov: Yuri Kolokolnikov
Major Kuznetsov: Sacha Sloboyanik
Tamara: Polina Gorman
Nikolai: Ivan Morozov
Captain Stepanov: Aleksey Solodov
Chris: Mavis Simpson-Ernst
Supervisor: Moti Margolin
CIA Security Officer (Thomas): Clarke Thorell
Zach: David Spadora

Are there any particular characters that you’re interested in seeing return to The Americans on Tuesday? Let us know in the comments and make sure you tune in to the episode to see how all of them fit into the season.

The Americans airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.