5 ideas to help you celebrate ‘Wonder Woman’ Day

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According to DC, June 3rd is ‘Wonder Woman Day’ and what better way to honor her than celebrating? From DIYs to recipes to reading, we’ve got it all.

With Wonder Woman’s live-action debut yesterday, DC Comics wanted to find a way to celebrate her 75th anniversary and her live-action movie release. Entitled “Wonder Woman Day,” it’s a day where fans can celebrate the Amazonian Princess. According to DC’s official website, “Honor the power, wisdom and courage of Wonder Woman as fans around the world celebrate Wonder Woman Day on June 3rd!”

If you saw the movie yesterday, please no spoilers but it was amazing, right? So what better way to showcase how much you love it and Wonder Woman than celebrating her day? DC has a few plans of their own including giving away free Wonder Woman comics, holding giveaways and releasing content online. Plus they even created their own list of different ways you can celebrate but I wanted to change it up a little.

While there might be a little bit of overlap, I’ll be focusing on different and unique ways to help you celebrate her day. There’s a lot of surprisingly simple yet fun ideas you can try at home or don’t require a lot of time or effort to do. Be sure to let me know if and how you’ll be celebrating Wonder Woman Day in the comments below!

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