7 most heartbreaking ‘Teen Wolf’ character deaths

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Photo Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press

Over the course of ‘Teen Wolf’s’ six seasons, we’ve had to say goodbye to several characters – some beloved and others despised, but most in heartbreaking fashion.

Throughout the first six seasons of Teen Wolf, we’ve been forced to say goodbye to countless characters. Some of these characters have been ones we barely got the chance to know, some were poor innocent bystanders introduced for the sole purpose of being slain by the latest threat wrecking havoc on Beacon Hills and then there were the deaths of characters who had become family and whose farewells left us reaching for the tissues and in an emotional state of distress.

With the show coming to an end this summer, we’ve been reflecting heavily on the past and the characters we’ve come to know and love over the years which has led us here today.

As we prepare to say goodbye to Teen Wolf, it seemed only fitting that we pause and take a moment to remember the lives of the characters who met untimely ends along the way. Characters that we loved and characters that we loved to hate.

Which Teen Wolf character’s deaths continue to haunt us to this day due to the heartbreaking way in which we were forced to bid them farewell? Join us now as we take launch our very own Teen Wolf obituary to reflect upon seven characters whose death hit us the hardest!