#WCW: ‘Wonder Woman’s Antiope is fierce AF

Photo: Alex Bailey/ TM & © DC Comics/ Wonder Woman/Acquired from WB Press

The title of this #WCW is fairly self-explanatory, Antiope’s fierceness and overall badassary goes beyond just being an Amazonian warrior who can shoot three men at once from the air!

May we never exhaust everything there is to discuss about Wonder Woman. The film is truly full of a wealth of topics. As it continues to exceed expectations and break records the momentum has only increased. With fans heading into multiple viewings, the conversation has moved from the movie as a whole and Diana’s (Gal Gadot) belief in humanity and instead has begun to focus on the supporting characters who helped her get there. That being said, major movie spoilers are ahead (but seriously if you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, what are you doing? Go! Yes, now!) proceed with caution!

Antiope (Robin Wright) is the battle-tested General of the Amazonian army. She became an immediate fan favorite and for good reasons!

Much has been made of the fight scenes in Wonder Woman and there are plenty of interpretations and emotional significance to those moments for the story and fans alike. The movie opens with the Amazons of Themyscira training for a war that may never come. Antiope watches the warriors correcting stances and assessing what needs to be worked on. There have been several breakdowns of the fight scenes and how they all build on each other to quite literally create Wonder Woman (as well as the actual hero Diana becomes). An article for USA Today explains,

On the set, Jenkins instructed the Amazons not to appear angry as they battled. “This is them in their element,” Gadot recalls Jenkins would say. “Just to fight in an aggressive, strong way. Own it.”

The artistry and choreography demonstrated in the fight scenes is easy to see, but for me it’s Antiope who best depicts what director Patty Jenkins was looking for from these women. As Diana’s aunt, she plays a founding role in pushing her niece to be everything she is meant to be. A point that is truly driven home by Antiope’s death, and the honor Diana shows her by wearing her armor.

Diana’s relationship with Antiope is established early on. Her choice to train her niece in secret, against Queen Hippolyta’s (Connie Nielsen) wishes was the first of many indications that Antiope had no fear. She was not afraid to potentially bring Ares on them in the way that her sister insisted on keeping Diana naive of her destiny. She uses her dying moments to spur Diana along, while also attempting to tell her the truth.

And Antiope is not just important to in the overall history of the Amazons. Everything she does, including her sacrifice, directly mirrors the end of the movie. She choose to protect Diana, not just because of Diana’s greater importance (as the actual God killer). The loss of Antiope, which was truly made in the name of love, does not close Diana off but instead becomes her greatest strength.

And luckily, nothing seems capable of stopping of her! She might no longer be alive (or maybe she is?) but the Wonder Woman movie won’t be the last we see of her since sources have confirmed both Antiope and Queen Hippolyta will appear in Justice League!

Wonder Woman is currently in theaters.