The Americans director Gavin O’Connor returning for The Accountant sequel

The Americans director Gavin O’Connor is in talks to direct The Accountant 2, a sequel to the Ben Affleck-led film he directed last year.

Gavin O’Connor may not be directing The Americans anymore, but he’s about to direct a sequel to one of his most successful movies, The Accountant.

Deadline reported Monday that Gavin O’Connor is talking with studio Warner Bros. about returning as director for The Accountant 2, the follow-up to last year’s hit crime thriller.

Ben Affleck, who starred as the title character, is also expected to return for the sequel as well as two of the original film’s producers.

It’s worth noting that Deadline’s report says that these deals are in the talking phase and thus not official yet, but this is interesting news if and when the contracts are indeed signed.

It would be another big feather in the cap of O’Connor, who was instrumental in getting The Americans off the ground by directing its first episode and convincing Noah Emmerich to take a second look at the role of Stan Beeman.

The original film, which co-starred Anna Kendrick and Jon Bernthal (both of whom may or may not come back for The Accountant 2) made more than $150 million dollars at the box office, which was in turn more than three times bigger than the $44 million it cost to make.

It starred Affleck as a small-town accountant revealed to actually be working on the books of worldwide criminal organizations. Kendrick played another accountant pulled into his world, while Bernthal portrayed a hitman on his trail.

Where would The Accountant 2 pick up? Monday’s report didn’t give any details as obviously the story hasn’t been figured out yet before there’s talent attached, but it’s likely to be the kind of thriller that would keep fans of The Americans interested.

Watch the trailer for The Accountant below:

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