The Americans season 1, episode 2 cast list and guest stars

Which important characters made their first appearances in The Americans season 1, episode 2? Check out the throwback guest list from the second episode.

As we continue our look back at The Americans season 1, episode 2, it’s worth taking a look at who appeared in the show’s second episode. Several important characters were included in “The Clock.”

Season 1, Episode 2 will be best remembered for the introduction of Nina Krilova, the Soviet officer played by Annet Mahendru, who would be a regular on the series from Season 2 through to her character’s imprisonment and death in Season 4.

Nina would become a double agent for the FBI, then a triple agent for the KGB, then wind up not having an allegiance anywhere over an incredibly complicated character arc that all started in this second installment.

“The Clock” also featured the first appearance of Lev Gorn as Rezidentura boss Arkady Ivanovich. Though he was only briefly in the episode, Arkady definitely made an impression on Americans fans in his debut, strong-arming one of his Russian colleagues.

The opening scene included the arrival of Annelise. The slightly unhinged young woman played by Gillian Alexy was one of Philip’s (Matthew Rhys) sources, who several seasons later would come back into the picture and not survive. Her death sequence is one of the show’s most cringe-worthy moments to this day.

Richard Thomas returned as Stan’s new FBI superior Frank Gaad, getting to spend time in the FBI surveillance van and marshal the troops.

And for your behind the scenes trivia this week, Anthony Arkin, the brother of this episode’s director Adam Arkin, appears as the character of Stavos. So there’s even a little family business being done in this episode of The Americans.

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The Americans returns to FX in 2018.