PSA: There’s a post-credits scene in Okja on Netflix


Okja. Paul Dano, Steven Yeun. Photo: Kimberly French / Netflix. Acquired via Netflix Media Center.

Stick around after the credits of Okja on Netflix for an intriguing sequence. Caution: Spoilers ahead.

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If you’re anything like me, when the end credits rolled on Okja, you were a blubbering mess. After a sequence packed with high intensity feels, it would be fully understandable if you paused to collect yourself, turned off the TV, or even switched over to some soothing episodes of The Office. Resist that urge. Okja has an intriguing post-credit sequence that’s worth a look.

As the final names roll off the screen, an image materializes. We follow the supreme leader of ALF, Jay (Paul Dano), as he’s released from prison. His buddy, K (Steven Yeun) is there to pick him up. They exchange a cigarette with wordless cool. Then, they’re off.

In short order, the two guys team back up with the rest of the ALF gang on a bus headed for some fancy Mirando event. Both Lucy and Nancy Mirando (both played with an almost audacious level of verve by Tilda Swinton) will be there, and ALF is plotting their masked revenge. They head to the venue, don their masks, and then the scene cuts to black.

(Bonus Note: For those paying close attention, we also get one last name drop of the meme-worthy catchphrase “Mirando is fucked.”. K mentions in passing, which is a REAL WEBSITE, BTW! It also makes for quite a fun hashtag: #MirandoIsFucked. Wasn’t the whole Biggest Super Pig contest all about shareable social content, anyhow?)

OKJA. Acquired via Netflix Media Center.

While post-credit sequences are used for a whole host of reasons, the open-ended nature of this one might have fans thinking sequel. But given the circular nature of the story, an encore doesn’t seem very likely. Seeing as Mija (Ahn Seo-Hyun) and Okja’s story was resolved within the running time of the film, it seems that director Boon Jong-Ho has said all he needed to say here.

Think about it. No matter how beloved they are, it would benefit no one to bring those characters back to fight another day.

Dear Netflix, please leave Mija and Okja chilling in the forest of South Korea, chowing down on wild produce, projectile pooping in streams, and living lovely and simple lives. And, any sort of sequel plans just wouldn’t work without our dynamic duo, so this ALF adventure isn’t likely to be an indicator of more story to come.

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So, this final scene is likely just a tantalizing glimpse at ALF’s tireless efforts to give a voice to the voiceless. It gives me the warm fuzzies to think that the group is working tirelessly to extract justice from the Tilda twins. Or, perhaps the jaunt was primarily meant to be a call to action for those roused by the film’s vicious takedown of a brutal and inhumane meat industrial complex. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure why it exists, but I do know that the final bit with the old lady and the burglar mask is pure comedy gold. Okja is just full of feels right until the very last drop.

‘OKJA’ is currently available for streaming on Netflix.