‘Doctor Who’: 15 Actors we’d like to see take on the role of the Doctor

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DOCTOR WHO Season: 10 The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI)
Photo Credit: Simon Ridgeway via BBC America Press

‘Doctor Who’ is heading for a big transition with a new show runner and a new Doctor. With all that regeneration energy in the air we came up with a list of 15 actors and actresses who we’d love to see in the iconic role.

Peter Capaldi announced back in January that the upcoming season 10 of Doctor Who would be his last. Seasoned Whovians are used to this occurrence every few years – it’s the nature of the show. But while regenerations are nothing new it’s rare they also coincide with a new show runner taking the reigns. Such is the case for the future of the series. Much like after season four when then show runner Russell T Davies and my Doctor David Tennant passed the keys to the TARDIS to Steven Moffat and Matt Smith respectively. This time season 10 ushers in Steven Moffat’s departure.

Moffat of course is leaving the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey…er…stuff in the capable hands of Broadchurch‘s Chris Chibnall. An  while we still have one more episode in season 10 to savor (or suffer depending on how you feel about Moffat’s iteration/bastardization of the Whoniverse) there’s lots of things to look forward to with a change like this.

Of course, it’s not exactly easy to see these people leave but it comes with the territory. When Capaldi was announced as the new Doctor there was a lot of fanfare. And the show went on a World Tour (yours truly attended the one in NYC!) that allowed fans an early showing of Twelve’s inaugural episode and so we can except something some similar celebrations of the series as we once again see another Doctor Who era light up with regeneration energy.

But what’s most fun about starting over again is the lead up to the reveal of the newest Doctor. There’s always a ton of speculation and rumors but any Whovian worth his or her salt has a list of names ready to whip out at the appropriate occasion! And as soon as Capaldi revealed his future as the Doctor I grabbed mine. So come along for the adventure as we take a look at some of the potential actors and actresses we’d like to see in the iconic role!

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