Ranking Tom Holland’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’ performance

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Are we absolutely certain Caleb McLaughlin is not LL Cool J’s child?

I’m Bad is one of the most recognizable rap videos of all time.  LL Cool J was not only one of the true pioneers of rap, but also of telling a compelling story via his videos.  Consequently, Caleb McLaughlin had to be flawless when in front Lip Sync Battle’s host, LL Cool J himself.

Flawless he was.

McLaughlin’s performance was so dominant, his fellow cast members voted him the winner before the performance was even over.

I’m Bad starts off with LL jumping down off of a giant cable spool and thrusting his way through the entire song.  He epitomized rap performance, and his mannerisms are plagiarized by rappers today.  McLaughlin, too, started his performance off with a jump.

Next, he took a “muscle-bound man and put his face in the sand.”  Further, he did the criss-cross leg move, followed it up with the “wop.”  Finally, he may indeed have enough girls on his jock that his phone is tapped.  He’s bad.  He is definitely bad.

Bonus points for acting out words.

After this performance, he should have thick enough skin to brush off any criticism.  To clarify, his “hide is like a shark fin.”  Other than the top three, he has, indeed, crushed his competitors like a jelly bean.