Is ‘Agents of SHIELD’ coming to SDCC this summer?

Photo Credit: Agents of Shield/ABC Image Acquired from Disney ABC Media

Marvel always has a strong presence at SDCC, but will ‘Agents of SHIELD’ be heading back to San Diego this summer for the fifth straight year?

For the past four years, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been a staple in the entertainment company’s San Diego Comic-Con line-up. Given its status as Marvel’s first foray into live-action television in the modern era and Marvel’s place among the greatest pop culture fandoms, Agents of SHIELD has always been at home at SDCC and is aways a hit with fans.

With SDCC 2017 quickly approaching, networks and studios have gradually begun to unveil their plans for this year’s convention – including Marvel. Considering its status as the OG of Marvel TV and  as a fan-favorite in each of the past few years, one would assume that Agents of SHIELD will indeed be returning to SDCC this July. However, in a surprise move, Marvel has decided not to send the Agents of SHIELD team to San Diego this summer.

“Really disappointed we won’t get to hang with the world’s greatest fans at SDCC 2017. The truth is Henry and Iain have become so sexy that SPPD and Marvel security could no longer guarantee their safety. Last year even a team of actual Inhumans failed to prevent one (lucky) fan from nibbling off part of Iain’s ear lobe,” series lead Clark Gregg joked in a string of tweets before getting to the truth behind the show’s absence at SDCC.  “In all seriousness, we’re really sorry to anyone who’s disappointed. We consider our loyal, badass fandom wholly responsible for S5 and though the timing this year puts us at NYCC, we will find a way to provide a special thanks to the bamfy Agents of SHIELD fam that got us here.”

While ABC’s long-running Marvel drama will not be making the trip to San Diego this July, Marvel’s presence will still be felt through its various entertainment panels. In addition to ABC’s Marvel’s Inhumans, Marvel will be sending FX’s Legion, Fox’s The Gifted and Netflix’s The Defenders as well as a crop of animated franchises.

Agents of SHIELD will return for its fifth season on its new night and time (Friday at 9/8c) following Marvel’s Inhumans‘ 8-episode run. 

Are you disappointed to learn that the Agents of SHIELD team will not be heading to SDCC this year with a panel and autograph session? Thoughts on the decision not to send the series for a fifth year in a row? Keep the conversation going by tweeting @HiddenRemote with your thoughts!