‘The Mist’ season 1, episode 3 recap: Tensions rise

Photo Credit: The Mist/Spike, Image Acquired by Spike

The third episode of The Mist picks up in the church, where we last saw the group having some wine.

Kevin goes to talk to Adrian and reassures him that Alex and Eve are fine. He then tells Adrian that they need to get out of there. It isn’t the most thrilling opening scene and someone needs to leave the church in order for things to be a bit more thrilling. This is based off of a Stephen King novella after all.

The mall, however, at least has something going on. All four of the dead bodies, not including the dead mall employee, are tied to the military. One man lingers in the background as they wheel the bodies out in shopping carts for all to see and he’s the last man standing with dog tags. He claims to not know anything and says he’s just the driver. It feels like they could have done a little more with that scene.

Back at the church, Bryan and Kevin both continue showing sympathy for Mia. Connor informs Kevin that she killed someone, but Bryan still let’s her out of the cuffs in the basement. He tells her they need to trust each other and then just end up talking. Bryan recaps the opening scene from episode one for Mia and she just starts crying.

Kevin still wants to get her out, too, and needs her to hotwire a car. Adrian is understandably wary of her and he honestly seems to be the only one thinking realistically. Adrian starts talking to the priest and Connor lashes out at him, calling him a liar. Kevin calls Jay a rapist and Connor throws him in the basement with Mia and Bryan.

Photo Credit: The Mist/Spike, Image Acquired by Spike

Eve decides that they should move “camp” away from Jay. Yet, they separate themselves for essentially no good reason. Naturally, Jay finds her and wants to talk to tell his side of the story. Based on his story, he took her upstairs so she could sleep off the few too many she had. It doesn’t appear Adrian saw quite as much as he let on.

Back at the church, something exciting finally happens when Natalie goes to leave. One of the other guys in the church goes after her and a moth flies right into his ear. He then disgustingly sprouts wings and has a bunch of them fly out of his mouth. A scene like this is exactly what you’d expect in a Stephen King adaptation.

The two bozos who run the game shop in the mall took the two dead soldiers and put them out in the mist. The only soldier left finds out and nearly starts a full blown fight in the mall. Gus steps in and yells at them, but a fight might have been way more exciting to see, even if it only lasted a minute or two. However, things heat up when Eve pulls a gun on Jay for getting too close to Alex.

Photo Credit: The Mist/Spike, Image Acquired by Spike

Adrian is really the only one who has some character progression in this episode. His talk with the priest leads to him wanting a baptism. You hear the emotion build up in him as he yells “I am a sinner!” He then steals the keys from the priest to get Kevin and company out of the basement. We see just how sneaky and sincere he is all at the same time.

Alex had an idea to send out balloons with notes attached saying that they are in the mall. This is after several of the people in the mall split off into a group with Eve and Alex. That’s where the episode ends and between that and the group leaving the church, there’s just barely enough to leave you wondering what comes next.

So far, The Mist is off to a bit of a slow start. The group leaving gives us a new location for next episode at least. Just going back and forth between the mall and church wasn’t quite exciting enough to sustain another episode. Hopefully we get a little more in episode four.

The Mist airs Thursday nights on Spike.