Peter Capaldi’s final days of filming ‘Doctor Who’ overshadowed by #DWSR


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The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, finished his final days of filming only for it to be overshadowed by an extreme group of ‘Doctor Who’ “fans.”  

Peter Capaldi wrapped up his final days as the Time Lord in Cardiff, Wales, on Monday, July 10. The twelfth Doctor Who star was filming this year’s Christmas special, which is to be his final appearance as Twelve.

However, this monumental occasion appears to have been overshadowed by a select group who trend under the #DWSR, leaving many other fans sadly disappointed and some extremely angry.

What is #DWSR?

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#DWSR is a Twitter hashtag that is dedicated to the latest news in Doctor Who filming. It stands for Doctor Who Set Report, although other names like Doctor Who Spoiler Report are also known. It can, in a way, be compared to the Game of Thrones bloggers Watchers on the Wall, which is also dedicated to reporting breaking news on filming, casting and commentary.

Any member of the public can use #DWSR, but a dedicated few have used it so much that they have grown a significant following. Many of their followers rely on their tweets and reports to find out the latest in filming locations, spoilers and more.

So what happened?

Well, as many have learned now, the final days of filming took place on Monday in Cardiff. What appears to have happened is a select few of what some are describing as the “elite” #DWSR decided to either not inform their followers of this or purposely gave people a different filming date.

This led to many fans being left disappointed that they missed out on the opportunity of seeing Capaldi’s final moments, with some being extremely angry.

Those who were there and had the good fortune to meet some of the cast and crew shared this experience on Twitter to then receive a wave of backlash from those who were either misinformed or not informed at all.

What does this mean for the future?

What this will mean for the future of #DWSR remains unclear, but it may be the beginning of the end. With a new Doctor coming and a new showrunner for Season 11 change is certainly coming and it could also mean change for how fans get their Doctor Who news.

Spoilers and leaks could now be a thing of the past, and fans will have to wait for the episode to air to find out what will happen next. This will, of course, be good news for those who don’t want any spoilers, but not so good news for others.

Are we all just overreacting?


A rather simple answer I know. If this is indeed exactly what happened, it was mean and selfish. Purposely misleading fans to get Capaldi’s final Doctor Who moments to yourself is wrong.

Nevermind the fact it hurt the fans, but it was a sad way to end Capaldi’s moments as Twelve. It was also a sad way to end Moffat’s Doctor Who era and disrespectful of everyone involved.

When it comes to potential plot leaks and spoilers, it would be a shame if they did put a stop to that. Personally, if you don’t want to see spoilers then don’t read or following people or sites that report them. Most sites are good enough now warn you beforehand anyway.

But, going back to the original point, the reaction to overshadowing the end of a fantastic era of Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who was not an overreaction at all.

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The final episode of Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who will air later this year in the Christmas special where the next Doctor will hopefully be revealed. Unless it’s leaked or shared beforehand.