11 inducted in Disney Legends ceremony at D23 Expo 2017

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Photo credit: Disney/Image Group LA, acquired from D23 Press Site

Clyde Geronimi

Mickey Mouse, Silly Symphony, Pluto cartoons, and more than 50 of the Disney Studio’s shorts were animated by Clyde Geronimi. He then contributed to The Three Caballeros, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Cinderella, Peter Pan and One Hundred and One Dalmatians. He also directed segments for television’s Mickey Mouse Club and contributed to episodes of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.

Animator Clyde Geronimi’s sons accepted the award on his behalf. “I want to thank Mr. Iger for presenting this wonderful award to my dad… He had a wonderful sense of humor and a great imagination. He loved animation and working for Walt Disney,” he said.

Photo credit: Disney/Image Group LA, acquired from D23 Press Site

Manuel Gonzales

Manuel Gonzales, who immigrated to New York City when he was 18 years old from Spain, found himself animating the first full-length Disney animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He went on to bring countless characters to life in the weekly Disney comic and brought Mickey Mouse into millions of homes around the world. His son, Dan accepted the Disney Legends award on his father’s behalf.

Photo credit: Disney/Image Group LA, acquired from D23 Press Site

Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson was a remarkable Disney Imagineer who engineered the first animatronic characters, producing and manufacturing famous attractions in Disney theme parks. His work continues to be a source of joy for millions of guests each year as they’re immersed in new worlds and universes. Accepting his Disney Legends award, Wayne Jackson said, “It is a tremendous honor. In my 37 years of working… I had the honor of working with many talented creative personnel, architects, engineers, and technicians that made and created these attractions that have been enjoyed by so many millions of people around the world, and they will continue to enjoy them in the future.”