Try to not love this weird Milo Ventimiglia charity PSA (Video)

Credit: See America
Credit: See America /

Call me biased, but there’s literally nothing that Milo Ventimiglia can’t do — including starring in bizarre charity PSA videos.

There’s absolutely nothing that This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia can’t do. If you need proof (you shouldn’t) then look no further than this weird charity ad that the actor did to promote awareness for preventable blindness.

The campaign is called #EyePic, and it encourages you to take a picture of your eyes and tweet it out with that hashtag. Then tag two friends to do the same, not unlike the ALS Ice Bucket challenge that swept social media a few years back.

As far as the ad, I’m going to ensure you watch it with complete and total bias. Some initial thoughts:

  • Who is this dude to push around Milo? Doesn’t he know the talent he’s working with?
  • Milo can literally act in the dark and it’s still sexy
  • No that’s not Joss Whedon but you were also thinking that too for half a second

Alright, here’s the ad. It’s actually pretty important so don’t take it too lightly:

I mean, what is there not to love here?

While the ad make a goofy tone, there’s a serious message here. I didn’t know that preventable blindness was a thing, and actually had a moment of panic when considering it. This isn’t just for and of This Is Us to get a kick out of, it’s a chance to us to all band together for a cause.

Milo knows his power, and the fact that he’s using it for this kind of good is just another reason to love him. The execution of the ad is a bit bizarre, but it has a stamp of approval from some with serious credibility — so we should do our part and help out.