5 Reasons why Jodie Whittaker is a good choice for ‘Doctor Who’ (and none are because she is female)

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#3 She has worked with other ‘Doctor Who’ stars

Whittaker has Doctor Who knowledge available at her fingertips.

I honestly doubt that she will need to do this but she is able to tap into a wealth of both Doctor Who knowledge and experience if required.

Whittaker has a long list of Doctor Who stars that she has starred alongside in other shows. The likes of Arthur Darvill, who played companion Rory during Matt Smiths tenure, David Bradley a former Doctor and the biggest Doctor of them all David Tennant.

If she wanted to, and honestly, I really doubt she will need it, she could tap into that pool of experience to get some feedback or advice on not only what to bring but what to expect from Doctor Who.

And who better to ask than David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, the most popular of them all. If there is one person you want to get Doctor Who advice from it’s him. I’m sure she already had many fun conversations about his time as the Doctor before she even auditioned for the role anyway.