5 Reasons why Jodie Whittaker is a good choice for ‘Doctor Who’ (and none are because she is female)

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(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Jameson)

#4 She is a fan

It’s not just ‘a job’ for her.

Whittaker is clearly a fan of Doctor Who, not quite in the same way that both David Tennant and Peter Capaldi are, but, they are the exception really.

Give her the benefit of the doubt though she was born in the early 80’s so she did miss the original series and only grew up through the heydey of the rebooted era.

All you need for proof though is Whittaker‘s initial reaction to her being cast as the Doctor. It was extremely clear in the first interviews she gave after the announcement that this was not just a job for her.

This was something else entirely.

She has taken this on like any of us would as a fan. We would be so excited at the opportunity that we would happily jump at the chance and would probably do it for free just to be able to call ourselves The Doctor.

That was clear in Whittaker, she wants this because she loves Doctor Who, not because it’s another job.

Also, she has admitted that her reason for going into acting was the Goonies and who doesn’t love the Goonies, Truffle Shuffle anyone?