#TransformationTuesday: The journey of Sam Winchester’s hair in ‘Supernatural’


Sam’s hair has been one of the biggest transformations throughout 12 seasons of ‘Supernatural

There’s a running joke in Supernatural about Sam Winchester’s hair. It wasn’t a big deal in the first season, but over the years Sam’s hair has gotten longer and Dean just can’t help but comment on it at least once a season.

If you check out Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest, you’ll see a number of GIFs and memes focusing on Sam’s hair. While Baby is character for the Dean fans, Sam’s hair is a character for the younger sibling’s fans. Here’s a look at the transformation over the years.

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Season 1: The Bowl Cut

Out of the two main actors, Jared Padalecki has changed the most. He was a skinny, lanky boy at the first start of the season and has grown into a buff, gorgeous, hunk of a man. But his hair has been through the most changes.

Season 1 saw the bowl cut. It literally looked like someone had put a bowl on his head and cut around it. Sure, it was easy to cut but it just didn’t suit him the way his hair suits him now.

Season 2 saw him start to grow the locks out, but there was still a bowl cut to it. He had more bangs in the second season, but it was clear to all just what he was trying to do.

Seasons 3-5: The Move to Curtains

Curtains went out of fashion in the 90s, but it looks like Sam attempted to bring them back. After growing out his hair, he was able to part it down the middle (or slightly off to the side depending on the shot) and move the hair completely out of his eyes.

It started to grow longer and this was the point that most of the hair jokes came thick and fast. If you watch the gag reels, this is when Padalecki spends a lot of his time posing for the camera with a duck face and pretending he’s in a L’Oreal advert.

His hair was still relatively short compared to what it is today.

Seasons 6+: The Hair Demons Can Pull

From the sixth season, Sam’s hair grew longer. It’s not really changed length or look too much over the last six years, but the jokes became more frequent. This was the point that his hair was almost long enough to pull—and there are plenty of footage in gag reels and at Cons with his hair tied up or with a beanie on.

There was one joke in Season 12 that stood out for many fans. Sam Smith’s Mary commented on how she chopped off her long locks for a shorter cut so demons didn’t have something to pull. Dean couldn’t help but joke about how he’d been telling Sam to do that for years.

Sam’s hair is gorgeous. As a woman, I’d kill for the luxurious and sleek hair. It is one of the running jokes of Supernatural and will be here to stay until Padalecki decides to cut it off (and even then the jokes will likely stick).

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Do you love Sam Winchster’s hair in Supernatural? Do you wish he would chop it off? Share in the comments below.

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