Julie Chen tells James Corden her pick for Big Brother 19 winner

Late Late Show with James Corden / YouTube
Late Late Show with James Corden / YouTube /

Unfortunately, the honor of the host’s pick for Big Brother winner is historically a curse.

Julie Chen, the beloved host of Big Brother, joined James Corden, beloved host of The Late Late Show, to chat season 19. Of course, Corden had to ask who she thinks is going to win this year and Chen had to break the bad news: Everyone she picks gets evicted.

Case-in-point: On opening night, she picked Cameron — who was evicted three hours later. Then, she shifted her bet to Dominique — who has also since been evicted. Corden, however, points out a flaw in her logic: She’s picking houseguests she thinks are smart and that’s “historically not what people have voted for in Big Brother.”

Watch the segment for yourself below.

Chen also jokes about the-blessing-and-the-curse that is Big Brother’s continued success. She’s loved hosting the show for 19 seasons — 19! — but boy, is she tired. She explains that, usually, when a show’s ratings dip, that’s when you say goodbye. But every year, her husband (CBS CEO Les Moonves) tells her how great the show is doing and she kind of dies inside.

Perhaps it’s time she and Jeff Probst start a support group.

In any case, she’s glad for the job — strike while the iron is hot and all that — and we’re glad to have her hosting one of the best messes on TV.

As for how real that mess is, Chen makes the case that — no shade to the other reality shows — the Big Brother cameras can’t lie and producers can’t meddle because the live feed is constantly on to keep everyone in line.

Chen and Corden also joke about filling the empty seat on The Talk — and James very real excitement and interest in the job — and finding the right person.

Big Brother season 19 is streaming constantly and returns with an aired episode Wednesday 8/7 central.