‘Ballers’ has a new meaning in ‘Seeds of Expansion’


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‘Ballers’ thrust into Season 3 hard. Make no mistake, big changes are happening to Spencer Strasmore.

When Season 2 of Ballers left off, Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) was dissing Andre (Andy Garcia), borrowing $5 million from his client Ricky Jerret (John David Washington) and pitching co-ownership of Anderson Sports Management (ASM) with Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff). It’s important to note this was very shortly after Strasmore was fired by Anderson for failing to become an officially licensed NFL agent. Ultimately, they agreed to a 51/49 split in Anderson’s favor. Subsequently, Strasmore checked himself in for hip surgery, but first delivered a baller speech to the Rookie Symposium.

Is Ballers main baller less of a baller?

Colloquially, being a baller has to do with living life to the fullest, taking risks and handling your business. Crudely, it also means ample sexual conquests. So when Ricky calls into question Strasmore’s swimmers – despite his alleged 100% pullout technique – it puts a dent in his psychological armor. Per the episode’s title, his “seeds of expansion” may not bear fruit. To make matters worse, Ricky announces he believes his girlfriend is pregnant. Finally, he casually asks when he’s going to get his $5 million investment back. All told, that’s a difficult situation for Strasmore.

Is Ballers getting a new baller?

global basketball domination

When Steph Curry and his wife call Spencer up for a double-date, it’s the perfect chance for Spencer and Joe (Rob Corddry) to branch out. Since the term baller originated from basketball players making it out of poverty, it’s only fitting they plant the ASM seed into the NBA by signing one of the top players in the league. Spencer pitches the idea to Anderson as “the next step in global basketball domination.”

Is there a baller to put the rest of the ballers to shame?

The number of ballers on Ballers is getting pretty ridiculous if definition of the word is stretched out. In fact, pretty much everyone on the show fits the word. What if, however, there were a baller so huge the rest seemed somewhat insignificant? With this in mind, Mr. Anderson agrees to give Spencer an assist with Steph Curry, so long as Spencer returns the favor landing a big casino exec Wayne Hastings Jr. (Steve Guttenberg).

Photo: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO/acquired from HBO Medium

So the plan is now clear. Take Spencer’s car, drive over to Steph Curry’s, grab Steph and his wife, go to Anderson’s dinner party, have a nice cold pint, deliver an epic speech, win over Hastings, and pitch the idea for a NFL team in Las Vegas.  That’s pretty close, with a few minor modifications.

Unfortunately for Spencer, Steph Curry bails, and just like Shaun of the Dead, the plan must change multiple times. The pivotal moment is when Spencer realizes he is the superstar, thanks to an impassioned confidence boost by Joe. It’s interesting to consider Spencer’s future with the company. He could just as easily become a mega-agent to sport’s biggest stars, a future GM for the fictitious Vegas NFL franchise.

The ensemble cast takes a back seat.

Somewhere on this Ballers season, there will need to be a bit more attention paid to everyone else. Johnson is the star, but one person won’t carry a series. Ricky is a wildly flawed, over-confident character with so much potential. Conversely, Vernon (Donovan Carter) is timid, and allows Reggie (London Brown) to get him into a weed-themed apparel business. Not a smart move for an NFL star who gets drug tested. Vernon could implode or explode on Reggie if ever given a chance to take the reigns of an episode.

Meanwhile, Charles (Omar Miller) works in the Dolphins’ front office for Larry (Dulé Hill), and the story arc only currently serves as a time to get up for snacks. Similarly, what in the heck happened to Jason (Troy Garity)?

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The future of Ballers is almost as bright as the Vegas strip (minus the aforementioned dim bulb). Anderson Sports Management could easily become Anderson Gambling Management, and Spencer will have to think long and hard about the problems of mixing those two worlds.

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