You’ll never guess which ‘This Is Us’ star Chrissy Metz says breaks during scenes

THIS IS US -- "Pilgrim Rick" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Chrissy Metz as Kate -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC). Acquired from NBCUniversal Media Village.
THIS IS US -- "Pilgrim Rick" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Chrissy Metz as Kate -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC). Acquired from NBCUniversal Media Village. /

When Chrissy Metz dropped by ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ she spilled some details on her ‘This Is Us’ cast members. Watch the video!

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As the This Is Us cast gears up for their big Season 2 premiere on September 26, each invaluable member has been making the promotional rounds. During her recent stop on The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon, Chrissy Metz showed off her next-level Michael McDonald impression and told the story of having only 81 cents in her account while auditioning for the role of Kate Pearson.

In a web exclusive video on The Tonight Show’s YouTube channel, Chrissy Metz got down to brass tacks and shared some little known details about her fellow Pearsons. Throwing on an impressive British accent, Metz played a lightning round game of “co-star superlatives,” where she designated which of her co-stars was most likely to follow suit with the characteristic on the card. Some of them were easy to guess. Most likely to get emotional at a This Is Us plot twist? Metz and Mandy Moore. Most likely to tear up the dance floor? Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson. Most likely to be caught using their phone? Everyone. But who’s most likely to break during a scene?

That would be Chrissy Metz herself! Ever the humble and self-aware Emmy-nominated actress, Metz is quick to admit that she’s the This Is Us star who’s prone to still be memorizing lines on set and has a greater propensity to break with laughter during a characteristically serious scene. However, Metz says her on-screen significant other, Chris Sullivan, hits his mark in one take.

Of course, the cast members most likely to invite the entire cast and crew over for a big family dinner would be mom and dad — Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia. (Oh, how we’d love to snag a spot on that guest list!) The first-time Emmy-nominee also named the on-set prankster they have to watch out for, but it’s not who you’d expect. Watch Chrissy Metz dish out the superlatives in the must-watch video below!

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Were you surprised at Chrissy’s choices for on-set prankster and the cast member most likely to break? Which This Is Us cast members would you choose for these superlatives? Do you have any Pearson superlatives of your own? Let us know on Facebook or tweet us (@thisisuscrying) your thoughts!

This Is Us returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, September 26 at 9/8c on NBC.