‘Famous in Love’ scores second season at Freeform, and we’re ready to ‘Raige’ on

Photo Credit: Famous in Love/Freeform, Acquired From Disney ABC Press

Freeform officially renewed Bella Thorne drama ‘Famous in Love’ for a second season! Are you ready to ‘Raige’ on with Paige and Rainer?

After months of silence from Freeform on the fate of Famous in Love, the network finally announced the good news: The hit Bella Thorne drama series will return for Season 2 next year. The pick-up makes sense for Freeform, since the recent conclusion of Pretty Little Liars leaves a gaping hole in their schedule for a gasp-worthy drama. Not anymore.

Following the season finale of Famous in Love, we questioned whether the series should be renewed for more Hollywood havoc, but with the sophomore run a-go, we’re excited under one condition: Paige picks Rainer. Listen, there’s often no use in getting involved with the shipping wars tangled within the narratives of primetime soaps, as they shapeshift 10 times over from episode to episode. But as far as Famous in Love is concerned, the show’s strongest case for an endgame romance isn’t with the blossoming besties Paige (Bella Thorne) and Jake (Charlie DePew). It’s with the star-crossed celebrities with chemistry to spare, Paige and Rainer (Carter Jenkins).

Famous in Love could pick up in Season 2 in real time as Paige makes her decision between Jake and Rainer during the press conference from hell, or the series could employ a time jump to expedite the trite “Who will she choose?” watch bait. The worst case scenario? She chooses no one, and the push and pull persists throughout the new season.

Giving the freshman drama, which wasn’t without its flaws, another chance to click with the Pretty Little Liars audience wisely grants the soap an opportunity to find its sweet spot and iron out its kinks. As we previously touched on, Famous in Love didn’t quite earn that love triangle cliffhanger and could use a little room to grow. The strengths are there, and Season 2 can amplify them.

Clearly, Freeform fans have showed up for the Bella Thorne drama, as the network boasts Famous in Love has accumulated a whopping 29 million total views across multiple platforms. The first season debuted in full for online streaming following the televised series premiere, launching the show as a binge-watching sensation and the network’s current No. 1 series among women. Famous in Love is coming back on top!

Will you be tuning in for Season 2? Who do you hope Paige chooses, and who do you think shot Barrett? Let us know in the comments!

Famous in Love returns for Season 2 next year on Freeform.