‘Ancient Aliens’: The replicants may be proof of reincarnation


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‘Ancient Aliens’ attempts to prove reincarnation on the newest episode titled ‘The Replicants.’ There may even be a greater purpose to the recycling.

Approximately 1.5 billion people believe in reincarnation. Indeed, Ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation of a person’s “Ba.” It’s the spirit, personality or character. In fact, this “Ba” has been depicted in artwork throughout history. According to Thepo Tulku, Head Lama, Tibetans believe all sentient beings are reborn. All bodies are merely vessels for consciousness.

Moreover, reincarnation can occur between multiple sentient beings like animals. Similarly, Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, founder of the Koshertorah School, says the Kabbalistic version of Judaism has a fundamental belief in reincarnation. He says souls are given multiple chances to get it right. By the same token, early Christians believed in reincarnation. Greek scholars like Socrates and Plato agreed. Specifically, Plato said “living spring from the dead.” We’ll assume he wasn’t talking about zombies.

Naturally, Giorgio Tsoukalos not only believes in reincarnation, but that it occurs throughout the universe. Think of it as afterlife interstellar travel. Recycling bodies throughout the universe.

Who was Om Seti?

Om Seti means “Mother of Seti,” and that’s what most people knew Dorothy Eady as upon her death. Her story is a remarkable one. She was born in England, but after suffering a head injury as a young girl, she developed foreign accent syndrome. In due time she uncovered her previous life as an Egyptian priestess.

She was known as one of very few who could perfectly speak ancient Egyptian, and became very well-known for her work Abydos. She even pointed to the location of multiple successful archaeological digs.

Are Chinese authorities afraid of reincarnation?

The Panchen Lama is second only in spiritual authority to the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama declared the most recent Panchen Lama in 1995. The Chinese authorities, however, imprisoned the Dalai Lama’s choice, and instituted their own selection.

Similarly, according to some theories, the Dalai Lama channels the Chenrézik, which is a god. Based on the common lotus position surrounded by flames and smoke, however, many believe the representation is actually that of an alien in a UFO.

If the Chinese government didn’t believe in the power of reincarnation, they wouldn’t have made that move. Instead, they would have permitted the selected Panchen Lama. They were afraid, however, he would repeat criticisms of China as his predecessor did.

Reincarnation has led to war.

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According to Saddam Hussein, he was a reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar II. In fact, he attempted to recreate the city of Babylon in Iraq. He built replicas of several historical artifacts, and had plans to restore the famous hanging gardens. Saddam even had coins and bricks engraved with his name alongside Nebuchadnezzar’s.

Moreover, Saddam believed Nebuchadnezzar was a reincarnation of Nimrod, who is great-grandson to Noah. Like Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar made Babylon one of the most powerful civilizations in the region. As such, Saddam viewed himself as a conqueror fulfilling the unfinished business of his predecessors. Sort of like a despotic, spiritual Human Centipede.

Egyptians tried to block reincarnation.

In one odd addition to this episode of Ancient Aliens, a tale of reincarnation obstruction is told. A small crypt in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt, there is a small, nondescript tomb. Labeled KV55, it is right near King Tut’s tomb. Some originally believed it was his father, but ultimately that is uncertain. In fact, carbon dating has laid serious doubt to that concept. More importantly, however, several odd situations were noted when the crypt was excavated in 1907.

First and foremost, there was a hieroglyph curse on the wall. It said, “The evil one should not live again.” Additionally, some aspects were abnormal compared to other tombs. Inscriptions are typically on the outside of cardinal blocks surrounding sarcophagi, but this tomb had hieroglyphs facing inward. It’s as if this tomb was designed to keep someone in, which is opposite of the typical purpose (i.e. keeping out grave-robbers). Incidentally, this is exactly the climax of The Mummy is staged.


What does all the reincarnation mean? According to ancient astronaut theorists, it’s all about moving the human species forward. Or, perhaps, moving gods forward. The general belief is countless reincarnations form a shared purpose. Ultimately, all the reincarnations lead to a cosmic consciousness that should propel the universe forward.

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Ancient Aliens airs Friday nights on the History channel.