Interview: Get to know ‘Kidnap’ star Sage Correa

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Contributor: Sage Correa

Sage Correa stars in the new film ‘Kidnap’ with Halle Berry.

Sage Correa is not your typical ten-year-old boy. He has an IMDB page dedicated to him, acting coaches, and is recognizable in commercials, television, and the new movie, Kidnap with Halle Barry. But Sage is also a kid; he plays sports, goes to school, loves his dog, and likes video games, especially NBA 2K17 and MLB 2K17.

When not on the set, you can find Sage playing basketball, tennis and practicing Kung-Fu. He likes to play team sports and feels it gives him the camaraderie to keep moving forward. He is smart as a whip and very personable. He plays chess at a high level and is very good with mathematics. He tells me that he knew division and multiplication before exiting Kindergarten. He is funny and likes to make people laugh. His passion comes in through when talking about acting and basketball. I am also a sports writer and he wowed me with his basketball knowledge.

Sage let us into his world and gave us a child actor’s perspective on acting and playing in the movie Kidnap. Without any pretentiousness or grandiosity, he is courteous and polite. Every time I commended him he would say “thank you” in all sincerity. It was my pleasure to interview and get to know Sage Correa.

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