The Mist season 1, episode 8 recap: Deadly people


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The Mist opens the door to some new developments, but where will they take us with two episodes left?

The opening shot of this episode gives a glimpse at what the town is thinking in general when you see “Death is here” sprayed on a sign. It’s a great shot, but everything seems to go downhill from there, especially when Kevin and the gang stop at Adrian’s house. To cut to the chase, Adrian’s dad is alive and his mom isn’t. From there, we see the deep psychological problems that Adrian has, but hasn’t really shown any signs of until now.

Adrian admits to raping Alex and by now it was already obvious that Jay wasn’t the one who did it. However, his logic behind it makes no sense. He says he didn’t want Alex to end up with a guy like Jay, but we’ve seen Jay be nothing but nice to her and he even stood up for Adrian at the party. What’s so bad about him? And he’s not expecting to end up with Alex since he’s gay. So none of it really makes any sense from that aspect. Overall, this raises more questions than it answers. Oh, and not to mention the fact that Adrian just shoots his dad and cuts himself so he can lie about that, too. The only moment I can really recall any sort of hint at psychological concerns for Adrian was when he let Tyler beat him up in the hospital bathroom and then has sex with him. But even that felt a bit different from all of this.

After confessing to Kevin, he knocks him out and runs back to the car and flat-out lies about Kevin being dead. By this point, Kevin already went and picked up Vic, who has survived by house hopping his way from the mall. Based on my understanding of the mist, he would have had to been pretty lucky for that to happen. And if he was at a house already, why not just stay there? Like I mentioned, there are a lot of questions now. And meanwhile, Mia and Jonah (or Bryan, it’s a little unclear which name he’s going by now) have their own passionate moment while everyone is waiting on them to get the gas.

Photo Credit: The Mist/Spike, Image Acquired by Spike

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Moving on to the church, things are completely ruthless there. Nathalie talks about the black spring and convinces Connor that they need to get rid of Jay for what he did to Alex. When they decide to go to the mall, they burn those who don’t follow. In this episode, Nathalie is way more of a threat than the mist is. This is another moment that feels like it doesn’t have much reasoning behind it.

One more death happens at the mall. Gus hits Shelley over the head and strangles her, then blames it on Alex. Earlier in the episode, he protected Alex from Shelley’s conspiracy theory, but when it’s his life at stake, he throws her to the wolves. Eve’s concern about Jay is understandable still because, unlike the audience, she believes Jay raped Alex. It’s hindering her character, though, since that’s pretty much all she really brings up. Alex appears to know the same thing the audience does, though. She’s grown more comfortable around Jay with each episode they’ve had scenes together. It makes sense, too, since they seem to be the only high school kids there.

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It’s hard to say where they plan to have this show go with only two episodes remaining. Nothing really happened that directly related to the mist in this episode, so it leaves one wondering what could be left for them to do. Do they end up getting out of the mall? Does the mist pass? How many more people die? There’s a lot I’d like to know, but I’m not confident that I’ll find out.