15 best TV show pets in television history

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8. Rowdy from Scrubs

On any other show having a dead stuffed dog as a character might seem in bad taste or just gross, but on Scrubs Rowdy was still just seen as the oddly quiet pet of J.D. and Turk. They never knew Rowdy when he was alive and bought him already dead from a garage sale. The two of them always treated Rowdy as a real dog and often had to animate the pup themselves. They still pretended to feed him and covered his ears anytime someone questioned his livelihood. Rowdy never did very much, but that didn’t prevent him from becoming another beloved character on the NBC sitcom.

7. Brian Griffin from Family Guy

Even though Brian might be one of the most intelligent characters on Family Guy, he is still the family’s pet. Brian can pretty easily be seen as a more adult version of another very popular dog appearing later in the list. An anthropomorphic dog, he is voiced by show creator Seth MacFarlane, he is mostly known as a struggling writer and sarcastic slightly alcoholic. Right behind Stewie, Brian might be the heaviest marketed character on the show. He is most often teamed up with some other member of the family, but it is his misadventures with Stewie that have made him such an essential part of the show. He is usually the voice of reason in opposition to the mad ravings of the power-hungry Stewie Griffin.